Nowadays the craze of pre-wedding photoshoots has increased like honeymoon and babymoon. Couples go to romantic destinations and do photoshoots before marriage. Couples meet each other before marriage in a pre-wedding shoot. know and recognize each other. Also, spend quality time. This trend was there earlier also. When boys and girls were mixed with each other. Although there was a trend of photoshoots at that time, nowadays there is a trend of pre wedding photoshoots. If you also want to make the pre-wedding photoshoot memorable, then you can visit these places in the country. Let’s know-


If you want to visit the moon on earth, then definitely go to Moondland once. In this way, Kashmir is called heaven on earth. Apart from this, there are many such places in the valleys of Kashmir, which are famous for their specialty. One of them is Moonland. The distance from Leh to Moonland is just 127 km. This place is called Lamayuru village. According to historians, long ago there was a lake in Moonland, which dried up. The dry yellow soil of the lake looks exactly like the land of the moon. Especially, the beauty of this place is worth seeing on the full moon night. For this Moonland is the perfect destination for a pre-wedding shoot. Here you can make the pre-wedding photoshoot memorable.


If you are planning a pre-wedding photoshoot around Delhi, then Chakrata is the best destination. The land of gods is located in the Dehradun district of Uttarakhand, Chakrata. Its height above sea level is 6949 feet. There are many tourist places in Chakrata. One of them is Tiger Falls, whose height is 50 meters. Its distance from Chakrata is 5 km. Here you can do a romantic photoshoot with your partner.


Mandavgarh is located in the Dhar district of Madhya Pradesh. It is also known as Mandu. Its distance from Dhar city is just 35 and from Indore, it is 100 km. Mandavgarh is the perfect destination for a pre-wedding photoshoot. A large number of tourists come to visit Mandavgarh. You can go to Mandavgarh for a photoshoot with your partner.