Saputara is the only airy place in the state of Gujarat in India. This place is located in Ahwa taluka of Dang district in the southern part of Gujarat state. This place is situated on the border of the state of Maharashtra, in the Sahyadri range, at an altitude of about 1000 meters between the forests. The area is hilly and forested. Even during the summer, the temperature here stays below 40 degrees. The locals are tribals who have vacated Saputara’s ancestral residence at the request of the government and moved to Nawanagar. They use Dangi language i.e. Kukana dialect in their common dealings. The main occupation of the people of this village is agriculture, farm labor as well as animal husbandry. Apart from this, the people here also earn their livelihood by collecting and selling secondary forest products like Mahuda flowers as well as B, Khakra leaves, Timru leaves, Teak seeds, Karanjana B from the forest. , Sunrise Point, Nawanagar (Dangi Sanskriti Darshan) as well as Ritumbhara Vidyalaya etc. are some of the places of interest here.

Saputara Museum: This museum is famous for its tribal art and culture. The exhibition here is divided into 4 main categories including tribal musical instruments, tribal costumes, tribal jewelery, pre-historic instruments of Dang area etc. There are about 20 types of exhibitions in the museum. Botanical Gardens: 5 km from Saputara. Far away, there is a 6 hectare garden with 1500 plant species from all over India.

Gira Falls: 4 km from Saputara. Located on the far Saputara-Waghai road. This waterfall has its own unique beauty. From a height of about 200 feet, it falls straight down. This waterfall looks very magnificent when there is a lot of water in the monsoon. That is why it is called ‘Niagara of Gujarat’.