1. Tell us something about the show

Based in the beautiful city  of Dehradun and against the backdrop of a medical college, ‘Sirf Tum’ highlights the nuances of a complicated relationship between two people with opposing personalities, who fall in love. Suhani is a simple girl who lives a sheltered life in the constant fear of her father and always adheres to her family’s wishes. On the other hand, Ranveer is an impulsive, passionate, wild, determined, unfiltered guy who is pure at heart and goes after what he wants. He is a man of his words and would go to any lengths to protect his loved one. Though a bit reckless, he has a strong personality and believes in living in the moment. Fate brings these two together as Suhani’s father gives Ranveer the responsibility of taking care of her in the college. In this journey of two medical students, audience will get to see how love blossom between the two-contrasting people.


  1. Tell us something about your character

I’m playing the role of Suhani Sharma on the show who is sweet, graceful, demure and yet is rooted in strong ideologies stemming from family values. Her innocence makes her very striking and unassuming.  Suhani is the epitome of tranquillity, simplicity, and serenity just like water. She has strong beliefs about love and puts the needs of others ahead of her. However, when she decides to become a doctor and attend a medical college to pursue her dreams, her father allows to do so only on one condition that her focus will be only on studies and has always adhered to her family’s wishes.


  1. Why did you choose this show?

I am extremely thankful to be working with the COLORS family again! Love stories have always been my favourite genre and I guess it gels with my personality well but while looking for my next project, I was very sure of not doing any run-of-a-mill character. I was looking out for some uniqueness and that’s when I landed to the role of Suhani. Suhani is an extremely mellow character on television with her simple girl next door aura, there was not a single reason for me to let go of a character like this and that when I gave it a nod r.


  1. People are comparing the show with Shahid Kapoor’s ‘Kabir Singh’, What is your take on that?

It’s quite natural to draw comparisons between shows and movies. However, I feel, its better to leave it to the audience to watch the show and then decide


  1. As shown in the promo, we could see shades of obsessive toxic relationships, what is your take on that?

I think that Ranveer is a very passionate character that goes over and above to protect and care for the ones he truly loves and he can definitely be misunderstood. People might not always approve of his ways but will always feel compassionate towards him. The character has many shades but we are definitely not advocating any sort of toxic behaviour. I think you should watch the show to understand the complexity of his character.


  1. Have you started shooting? If yes, how has it been till now?

Yes, we have shot a few episodes and it has been great so far, while maintaining the appropriate health protocols. We have got some great reviews for promos of the show. Let’s hope our audiences like the show as well.




  1. How was your experience of shooting the outdoor schedule like?

We had a great time shooting for the show in Dehradun. We have shot at some very beautiful locations, the weather was cold but the team ensured everything was taken care of and made us feel safe. Due to the pandemic, we have been just shooting indoors. To step outside and shoot outdoors was refreshing. The people in Dehradun were quite supportive towards the crew and the team, am grateful for that. The scenic beauty of the valleys is surely going to make the show even more beautiful to watch.


  1. Tell us about your bond with all your co-stars?

A terrific cast and crew have been assembled for ‘Sirf Tum’, who are all ready to bring the magic on your TV screens! I must say they all are extremely supportive. We are having a lot of fun on the set, while also ensuring that all COVID safety measures and protocols are met. We would have lunch together and share loads of tasty food. Everyone is very friendly, positive and gives out a great vibe.


  1. What message do you want to give to our readers/viewers?  

I hope that the viewers will have as much fun watching the show as we all did in making it. We are working very hard and we’re confident that people will love and appreciate the show and welcome us with open arms. Our show is set to premiere on 15th November at 8 pm and will air every Monday to Friday at 8pm only on COLORS


  1. What do you feel about working during the pandemic?

We are all adjusting to working in the new normal. However, the production house and the channel have taken all steps to ensure that we have a clean, hygienic and safe working environment. The new normal on set includes daily temperature checks, sanitisation, social distancing, downloading of the Arogya Setu app on phones among several other measures. While shooting, we ensure we maintain social distance as much as possible and we also carry our own make-up kits, wear masks and gloves when not facing the camera. We regularly wash hands and maintain all the norms laid down for the safety of the cast and the crew. We even read our script on our phones, so there is no handling or sharing papers. We have already adjusted to the new normal and I have almost made it a habit of mine to sanitize frequently, wash hands regularly and maintain social distancing when I am on set. The production house is also ensuring that everyone is vaccinated and keeping health and safety at the helm.