Shilpa shah, professor HKBBA college

According to the scriptures, there are three factors that make a person supreme and divine, holiness, honesty and happiness. That is why it is said that holiness + honesty + happiness = supreme soul. Honesty is the first condition for becoming an ultra-energetic divine or supreme-being. But it is not possible to be honest without being pure and holy internally and externally. Honest means a person without hypocrisy, simple, instinctive and truthful personality. The one whose deeds, that is, his thoughts, speech and behavior is completely pure transparent and straight forward is called honest. For which one has to be holy externally as well as internally. An honest and pious person will always be happy. Thus, the most important element that makes a person as competent and energetic as supreme soul is holiness that instinctively makes a person honest and happy. To understand the title of our article today, it is necessary to understand two concepts, one is the concept of holiness and the other is the concept of zero. So let’s understand these two concepts one by one.

Holiness or chastity means purity. Purity means purification of body, mind and soul. The purity of body, mind and soul depend on each other. The mind of one whose soul is pure will always be positive and the body of one whose mind is pure will always be fit and healthy. In fact, the purity of the soul and the mind begins with the purity of the body, because the pure mind can never remain in the impure body. So that holiness must begin with purification. Purification of the mind is also possible through scientific prayer, self-awareness, meditation, deep breathing, observation of nature, etc. While the purification of the soul becomes possible by getting rid of the main ailments of human life such as lust, anger, greed, deceit, ego and jealousy. There are five types of holiness. 1) MANSHUDHDHI that is purity of mind (absence of raga-hatred) 2) KARMA SHUDHDHI that is purity of karma (selfless deeds) 3) SHIL SHAUCH that is following virtue in every situation, not leaving the path of truth, not compromising values 4) VAKSHAUCH that is speaking truth in soft sweet and benevolence way 5) SHARIR SHAUCH that is body defecation (bath and purification of food). Practicing selflessness or altruism, continuity of good thoughts in the mind, discretion in the heart, etc., signifies holiness. One who has a pure mind has the conscience to recognize good and bad deeds. He does not allow the predominance of sensory disorders to take over his mind and naturally becomes supremely energetic.

According to Lord Buddha, such a state of special holiness is not possible except in zero. What he calls “world of zero” is the same state of Nirvana and the same state of liberation according to Hinduism. Even so, it is natural to have holiness where there is zero, that is, nothing. Where there is neither happiness nor sorrow, neither love nor dislike, neither rage nor hatred, neither joy nor sorrow, neither success nor failure, neither anything mine nor others, neither cold nor heat, neither life nor death, what will be more excellent and holy than this. What else could be pure place then this? That is why Lord Buddha calls Moksha or Nirvana as “world of zero”. There is infinite peace and holiness because there is nothing there. Where there is no zero, there must be something good or bad. Where there is something of mine, there must be a feeling of something else. The same makes the appearance of impurity. Where there is joy there is sorrow, where there is happiness there is pain and where there is life there must be death thus we naturally do not like hatred, sorrow, dislike and death because in all this we naturally see impurity. Yet the desire for life, the expectation of happiness, joy and affection, leads a person to such impurity. When we choose life, when we choose happiness, when we choose joy, when we choose our own or personal, the dislikes for sorrow, death etc. are automatically obtained like two sides of one coin. But where there is no existence, it must be a very holy place, which is nothing but the world of zero.

Even from a scientific or practical point of view, there can be no holiness other than zero, so to remain zero is the only true holiness. To be zero means to be no-one. To be ego free. To be free from the attachment of honor, prestige, power, position, money is the only true holiness. Which is impossible except in the state of zero. The world of emptiness means liberation from “me and mine”. The world of zero is the state of egolessness and timelessness. How can there be peace or holiness where there is bitterness of the past or anxiety of the future? Where there is no conflict between “I” and “you”, where there is no bitterness of the past or concern for the future, what could be more sacred? The end or destruction of everything is inevitable for the attainment of zero. Even so, according to the scriptures, our origin is from zero and at the end everything has to be absorb in zero, so in the end we have to be absorbed in zero because that is the ultimate truth. Subtracting different material from the physical world (material world) what is left is called the world of zero. The material of the physical world i.e. wealth, body, relationships, etc., all of which end up being called World of Zero. Achieving World of Zero is not possible as long as there is worldly life i.e. desire and attachment to material. The material activity we do for a lifetime does not allow us to enter the world of the most sacred void. The end of material activity is the entry into the world of zero. All the pains, difficulties, problems, diseases are due to the material world and our attachment with different materials. When one is liberated from the material, one automatically attains the world of the most sacred void.

In fact, our only ultimate goal is to merge into zero from where we came. The reality doesn’t change even though we don’t understand it. The absolute truth cannot be person so impersonal means zero. (Absolute truth cannot be personal so unexpressed means zero) If one can remain nobody or impersonal one can escape the illusory web of pain and pleasure. But if pleasure or happiness is desired then pain must be accepted and one can never enter the world of zero or emptiness. In that sense, it is necessary to be impersonal. One has to create a personality where there is nothing personal. In other words, this material world has to be null and void which is called theory of voidism. Achieving a world of zero is possible when material enjoyment becomes zero. For which the body mind and soul has to become pure. Thus there can be no holiness except zero.

Shilpa shah, professor HKBBA college