Last week in college I organized a seminar on personality development in which we have taken into consideration what do you mean by personality, what kind of personality is required, what is the need to develop personality, what should be done for it, etc. As a speaker, I said that character and virginity are also very important in personality development. Because without that it is not possible to achieve any kind of personality, internal or external. Which is why one of the students said mam, how virginity is related with personality? So I thought that such questions would be in the minds of many students, the confusion in their minds should be removed as a result of which today’s article came into existence. Virginity is a sacred state, virginity is a state of purity. Virgin means very intensely regulated guy in normal. Now you just think if a person is completely controlled, restrained and pious then what could be more special personality development than this?

One’s personality can be studied through one’s character, diet, daily culture, thinking power, appearance, inner beauty i.e. virtues, discipline, morality etc. The personality of any human being can be known by many things like how a person discharges his duties, how faithfully he carries responsibilities, what thoughts and deeds his mind is constantly engaged in, how noble or cultured his speech-thought-behavior is. An idea can be obtained on how much his personality has developed and how much further development is required. At present, a person’s personality is estimated only on the basis of his talking smartness and outlook that is dressing sense, but we have probably forgotten that the real importance is of inner beauty. I personally believe that the importance of celibacy behind the inner or outer beauty or personality of a human being is beyond our imagination as a lot of literature on personality development is written, read and sold all over the world but unfortunately People have remained uncivilized and characterless. Because the discussion of celibacy, a prerequisite of character, is nowhere to be seen.

Adherence to celibacy is a prerequisite for physical, mental and spiritual development. According to a research, 10 kilograms of nutritious food makes 250 milligrams of blood and 250 milligrams of blood makes 20 milligrams of semen. Thus the body needs 10 kg of nutritious food to produce 20 mg of semen. It is almost impossible to maintain complete health without semen collection. The degeneration of semen, which has the power to create a life, is in no way appropriate. It is ignorance to spoil semen without the noble intention of procreation which inadvertently forces man to live a hellish life as after frequent ejaculation if proper nutrition is not taken then the body gradually weakens, old age comes prematurely.

There are many meanings of celibacy. A common meaning is to abstain from sex. But in fact its original meaning is the action by which divine energy is achieved (attainment of god), that is, Brahmacharya. The practice of living in Brahma means celibacy. Thus the power of celibacy is unimaginable. With its prudent use as well as semen preservation, a person can increase his strength, energy, power many times more. Which requires restraint like penance. In fact, celibacy is the movement towards the soul or supreme soul. The fall of a drop of semen means death and its protection is life. The most precious metal in the body is semen which is produced in small quantities in the body after the creation of blood, flesh, fat, bone and marrow. Keeping semen protected energy in the body rises. It takes a month for semen to be produced from the diet. From 80 drops of blood one drop of semen is made. Real semen contains only two to five percent of sperm. The rest of the nutrients are protein, vitamins, DNA, etc. Through the protection of semen a person can create impossible and amazing feats. Celibacy is essential for everyone who wants to experience God that is, to gain energy or develop personality.

There are many benefits of celibacy i.e. there are many benefits of semen protection or semen elevation. Celibacy increases the power to fight diseases. Diseases decrease in old age, slow down the aging process. Semen contains an element called “SPEMIDINE” which prevents premature aging, makes digestion active, increase memory. It is extremely helpful in achieving intense concentration. According to a research, a person who observes celibacy has 45% higher concentration than other normal people. It leads to strong self-confidence. Science believes that the protection of semen makes a person very positive, makes life enjoyable without stress and worries. According to a research, 90% of those who observe celibacy are very happy. Thus true valor is in controlling one’s senses and observing celibacy. This is because the nutrients destroyed by a single ejaculation (3.4 ml) are as follows. Protein 0.17 gm, Glucose 3.51 gm, Calcium 1.21 gm, Lactic Acid 2.15 gm, Magnesium 0.37 gm, Potassium 3.71 gm, Zinc 0.56 gm which reduces physical and mental strength. Weakens the body, makes temperament angry, anxiety increases stress and makes life indifference or joy less. It is understandable that the personality of a weak, angry, stressed, sick or unenergetic person can never be impressive. My humble appeal to today’s youth that if you want to achieve success in every sphere of life, to have an attractive personality, to increase memory and concentration, you should pay attention to the rules of celibacy instead of focusing on any other temporary measures. It doesn’t take long for a powerful empire to emerge as the youth is the future of the country. If youth is powerful, the country will automatically become powerful.

That is why in ancient times under Hinduism there was a system of four ashrams for living human life which was very scientific in which the first ashram was BRAHMACHARYASHRAM. We all know that BRAHMACHARYASHRAM is the first stage of life and the early stage of life always plays a very important role in shaping life. It is commanded in this ashram to observe celibacy for the first 23 years of life. If ejaculation occurs without understanding that control over sex does not remain in the first stage of life then the coming life becomes very weak and diseased so restraint is very important in BRAHMACHARYASHRAM. But even today’s very young school-college students unfortunately have special sexuality and I doubt how many young people will remain virgins until marriage.

What would be more painful than this that today’s young generation does not even find anything inappropriate in it. It seems that the family, the educational institution or the society has failed to explain to them the necessity of celibacy. If it is scientifically explained to them that how much celibacy is necessary for their own personality development and success then I am sure they will understand. The second ashram after BRAHMACHARYASHRAM, GRIHASTHASHRAM, requires a lot of energy. Because man has to do the noble work of procreation. In addition, other social responsibilities have to be observed so that the accumulation of power in the BRAHMACHARYASHRAM becomes inevitable through restraint. If this does not happen then GRIHASTHASHRAM can be very painful. Probably the reason behind poor GRIHASTHASHRAM in modern times is this only. The necessity of sattvic food is also emphasized in BRAHMACHARYASHRAM as it is the first condition of physical, mental as well as spiritual development and well-being.

In short, in BRAHMACHARYASHRAM, education, sattvic food, restraint on the senses, and observance of celibacy have become inevitable for all human beings because the attainment of Dharma, ARTHA, Kama and Moksha, the four main objects of human life, is not possible without the implementation of all these. Hopefully today’s youth and students will understand and accept the advice of the scriptures by reading this article and make life better.

~ Shilpa shah