If you are told that there will be a city in the world that will float in water, then you will not believe it but it is absolutely true. Actually, a similar city is being built in Busan, South Korea, which will float in water. The construction of this city to be built by the sea in Busan city will also be completed by 2025.

Know how the city will be

with the support of the United Nations, an official announcement has been made for the construction of this unique city and the project has been named OCEANIX. Pictures of the new design of this city have come to the fore in the project report. The pictures show interconnected platforms which are spread over an area of ‚Äč‚Äčabout 15.5 acres. It is being said that the cost of its construction will be 1500 crores. For this, a deal has been signed between Busan Metropolitan City of Republic of Korea, UN Habitat and New York-based designing firm Oceanics.

The CIO Flip Hoffman of the project says that the construction of this city will be completed by 2025. He said that through this project we are working to prepare new land for coastal cities. Through this project, we want to help those who are facing the growing water level and flood crisis while living in marine coastal areas, because every year, about five lakh people are forced to leave their home due to the crisis of flood.

According to the project report, the city will be divided into different areas according to housing, research and entertainment.

Every lamp in the city will have six corners. People will be able to go from one island to another by boat. Also, high-rise buildings will not be constructed in the city. The height of the buildings shall not exceed seven storeys so as to protect them from the effects of strong winds.

Food prepared from seafood and plant based diet will be available in the city. This city will prepare its own food. Also, there will be a system of clean water here. The houses will be made from locally available materials like bamboo etc. Also, a layer of limestone will be mounted on them.

According to the project report, the city will generate its own electricity through solar energy as per its requirement. For this, solar panels will be installed on the roofs of the houses.

In a way, this city will be self-sufficient. , There will be a market in the city, buyers will be able to go from one island to another through boat.

It has been claimed in the OCEANIX project report that this floating city will not be at any risk of flooding.