Well, there is no need to wait for any special occasion to express love. You can express love anytime anywhere but in the busy life of everyday you are not able to express your love. Therefore, one week in a year is for lovers. In Valentine’s week in February, you can show love to your partner in some special way every day.
On the other hand, if you like someone and are looking for a chance to express your heart to them, then Valentines Week is the best opportunity for them too. Propose Day is the second day of the Valentines week. On this day, lovers express their love. If you are going to tell your heart to a friend for the first time, then you have to celebrate Propose Day in a special way. That is, propose something to the other person in such a way that he cannot refuse your love.

Choosing the right place

If you are going to propose someone, then keep in mind that do not propose them anywhere. Choose a special place to express love. You can take them to a romantic place or take them on a trip. If the atmosphere is good, then your partner can easily understand your love and expression.


, you can already win your partner’s heart by giving small surprises on this special occasion. Before expressing, you can bring smile on their face by giving them beautiful flowers. Chocolate can also be given. If their mood is good then they will take your proposal seriously and will not be able to refuse your love.


it to dinner If you want, you can take your partner to dinner. Order a partner’s favorite dish. Make them feel that you understand their likes and dislikes. A nice dinner and romantic atmosphere will give you a better chance to express your love. In which partner can confess your love.

Give gifts

, it is not only necessary to propose, the behavior after expressing your love is also important. If you tell them your heart and they accept your love, then you can gift your partner their favorite thing. Gifts can be given before proposing and even after, it is important that the gift should be of your partner’s choice. The gift should be such that it touches their heart. If your feelings are reflected in your gift, then you may not even need to say anything. You can also give them a photo album or a beautiful heart touching video related to your partner.