BOLLYWOOD INDUSTRY – FILMS OF INDIAN CINEMA- most of the time engaging in making love concept-based films, which always show love triangle, first quarreled love, and first sight love and also like the hero will come and save the heroine and both will get married. All-time seeing this kind of content, make Bollywood very uninteresting. Now, the south Indian film industry and Hollywood industry are in a boom, but not Bollywood. People are now bored and fed up with all these love triangle concepts. They need action, thriller, or some inspirational content always. Also in the name of love, Bollywood spreads boldness and abusive content. They also made a wrong image of college life in youngsters’ minds. Students consider college as the place of games, love, finding life-partner and time pass. But in the actual scenario, it is a place for learning high-degree education and making a career as well as life. When this youth will understand? Somewhere, knowingly or unknowingly Bollywood film industry spreads negativity in friendship, love, relationships, etc. It leaves a negative impact and spreads the wrong concept of friendship.

People should look into this matter and rethink about it and if possible should take actions against such content, wrong concept and fictions.