Examining the history of mechanical tools or machines, it will be seen that the invention of machines and mechanical tools is done to remove many difficulties of life, save time as well as make difficult work easier and faster with less problems. It has been our experience for many years that many difficult or impossible tasks are made easier and possible with the help of machines. Also, mechanical tools or instruments are very useful in making an object or element work against its nature, such as the nature of water is flowing downwards, but with the help of a machine, the movement against its nature i.e. upward movement can be done very easily and fast. All that is required is proper knowledge of machine and its prudent use. If we do not have the proper knowledge of machines or how to use it or do not have the real understanding or discretion of how much and when to use it, it can create many evils. In the same way, the human body is a highly developed, highly skilled and high-tech machine made by nature. Which is capable of removing every pain and suffering of human life i.e. ADHI-VYADHI-UPADHI that is disease, problems or difficulties. But its proper identification (i.e. a test of its strength and power) and its judicious use (i.e. a correct understanding of when and how the human body should be used) is indispensable. Our misfortune is that we don’t know anything about our physical ultra-high-tech machine. Moreover, we do not know the proper use of it, that is, for what purpose it should be used.

The fact that the human vagina is considered invaluable by the scriptures means that there must be a certain feature in the human body that makes it special and that feature is the human mind which is a mine of immense power. If it is recognized and understood, then the attainment of worldly purpose (i.e. material purpose of life) and supernatural purpose (i.e. spiritual purpose) can become easy, instinctive and fast. Because the job of the machine is to make the work easy, fast and effortless. Every moment of life can be made enjoyable if the five senses connected to the human body and its possessive mind remain under our control but it cannot happen because we do not know the proper use or power of the senses and the mind. We need to learn how to use each of the senses, how to use the power of the mind, and so on. The mind usually decides what to do with the senses and what actually our mind will preferred or like is depends on our instincts, beliefs, actions and attitudes. When we believe or accept that true happiness and joy is only in wealth and relationships then our lust, desire, belief commands our mind to be engaged in it and the mind is our true servant to follow our command. It is up to us to decide what kind of work to do and how to order it. The senses will function as the mind commands it is in fact the boss of the five senses. Thus there is an overwhelmingly strong connection between our instincts, mind and senses. So that we should recognize the strength of our instincts, mind and senses. It is up to us to give orders to the mind (which is a machine like our servant).
We may have all heard the story of Aladdin’s magic lamp in ancient times, the power of the magic lamp was unlimited but how to use its power depends on our desire. Theoretically, this Aladdin’s magic lamp symbolizes the human subconscious mind. This magical lamp has the power of both creation and destruction. Because power is power, its use determines whether creation or destruction will make life heaven or hell. God has given us the gift of highly developed, powerful senses and mind that are constantly with us like a magic lamp just to decide what it has to do. It is up to us to decide how to use these five senses (eyes, nose, ears, tongue, skin) means through the eye what to see the divine or demonic power that exists throughout. It is up to us to decide what to smell through the nose, what to listen to through the ears, whether to listen divine hymns or to listen sexy songs. We have to decide what to say with the tongue, how to speak, how much to speak, words normally creates our heaven or hell and finally what to feel through the sense of touch is to experience the illusory magic of the illusory world or to experience the existence of God. It is up to us to decide what to do with our hands that will make life nectarine.

Whether to keep the mind constantly engaged in the right positive selfless and excellent thoughts or to engage in meaningless and painful subjects depends on one’s own knowledge, understanding, desires, instincts and beliefs. Because man has a natural tendency to be attracted to the place where happiness and peace appear. But we must understand the fact that none of our senses can independently see the truth. It sees as per the mind instruction and the mind is a slave to beliefs as well as prejudices. Mind cannot easily give up his belief. So we are actually working in the wrong direction because we cannot see the real form of the world which is very divine. Divine mind can be formed by asceticism, restraint and study. This high-tech machine that is human body which is a gift from God should be utilized for the right goal at the right time by subduing false beliefs and instincts and using the immense power of the mind in the right direction. Since everyone has very limited time, even though we all spoil it in unwholesome desires, rage hatred and ignorance. We are wasting our time. No matter how excellent the machine is, it cannot be useful due to lack of skill and discretionary vision. The torch can be helpful to remove the darkness but how to use the torch, which switch is required to start the torch if we do not know the fate of being in constant darkness has to endure despite having the torch. In the same way, even though we have got a highly developed, excellent, high-tech machine in the form of human body by the grace of God, no one can stop human life from being wasted and ruined if we do not understand how to use this machine.

The scripture state that out of 84 lakh types of vaginas or bodies, what kind of body we will get depends on one’s own will and deeds accordingly. As it is said that the one who likes to eat secretly alone in secret gets the incarnation of a cat in a next birth. A person who is overly addicted to wealth must become a snake in the second birth (i.e. the snake is always depicted in many stories around the royal treasury), in the same way a sexy man with a very physical appetite becomes a new born prostitute. According to scripture, the gracious power of God always helps life in fulfilling its desires, therefore any desire should be created with a very deep sense or right understanding. The four main types of vaginas in the universe (that is DEVYONI, MANUSHYYONI, TIRYANCHYONI, NARAKIYONI) a person gets based on his deeds. Such as living a very moral and virtuous life and following the best principles in life like truth, non-violence, non-aggression, the living beings become worthy of the DEVYONI while committing terrible sins like murder, adultery, stealing, alcoholism, slander, lying, slaughtering animals, disguising women, cutting down a medicinal tree or a green tree, not repaying a debt, selling inappropriate items, taking very high interest from needy people etc. are the arrangements of hell or NARAKIYONI.
One of the most important purposes of human beings is to attain supreme soul or divine power. God is not a person, it is Infinite Existence and Infinite Power (God is nothing but energy & existence) which can be attained easily and possible only through human body. Because the human body is a highly developed, advanced high-tech machine through which the achievement of objectives can be very fast and instinctive. The importance of this body is in the way the plane can be more useful than the bicycle if you want to go very far and reach quickly. Don’t waste it in vain. It may not be possible to get the help of this high-tech machine again & again and may have to go through many pains and hellish lives. So from today onwards let us start identifying knowing and understanding this excellent machine in the form of human body as there is wisdom in using it judiciously. That’s all I have to say.

Shilpa shah, director in-charge, HKBBA College