Jamia Hamdard’s, the office of DSW in collaboration with Nurture life: A Non-profit celebrated World Metal Health Day on 9th October, 2021 via Google Meet platform aiming to create awareness and acknowledgement of mental health as an integral part of every policy starting from public health, crime prevention, education, etc and also to create awareness about the potential stressors triggered during the pandemic in community and to provide strategies to cope with the potential stressors under the current challenge of COVID-19 pandemic.

The celebration on the online platform, started with the recitation of the Holy Quran. followed by the welcome address by Prof. (Dr.) Reshma Nasreen. She welcomed the participants and delivered a brief about Mental Health Day. She emphasized on the need to acknowledge, need to speak about mental health and “Breaking the Silence”


The event was presided by the Hon’ble Vice Chancellor, Jamia Hamdard, Prof. (Dr.) M. Afshar Alam. Prof. Afshar Alam had blessed the event with his opening remarks about the World Mental Health Day celebration. He emphasized on the effect of mental health on students’ motivation, concentration, and social interactions which are crucial for her learning outcomes.  The issue of mental health & wellbeing has assumed greater relevance with the outbreak of Covid-19 pandemic. With increased focus on holistic development of societies, there has been a greater acknowledgement of mental health as an integral part of every policy starting from public health, crime prevention, education, etc. To quote some hard facts, according to WHO, Depression is one of the leading causes of disability. Suicide is the second leading cause of death among 15-29-year-olds. It is not surprising that mental health now is a part of Sustainable Development Goals. He also discussed regarding the endorsed WHO’s Comprehensive Mental Health Action Plans 2013-2030.

Hon’ble Vice Chancellor Prof. (Dr.) M. Afshar Alam also formally launched the Mental Health Club of the University. The Mental Health Club under the aegis of DSW office, Jamia Hamdard will endeavour to carry out University wide initiatives to assess, map, create awareness and enhance the mental health of all its stakeholders. The club will encourage dialogue on mental health issues through various platforms, workshops, seminars and continuous counselling & mentoring.

Ms. Farah Sarosh, Founder of Nurture Life: A non-profit organization delivered an introductory note regarding Mental Health. She talked about the transition and journey from the time when mental health and related issues were not taken seriously and made fun off to the time when it is recognised and acknowledged as a very pertinent issue getting attention from practitioners and civil societies.  She talked about the importance of mental health to live our lives happily. Ms Sarosh emphasized that it will help in bringing the fundamental changes in many lives. This celebration and the formation of mental health club will help the society to break the silence and create emotional security amongst all the stakeholders.

The event followed with a very interactive and motivating session on Emotional Acceptance. The Distinguished speaker and Guest of Honor for the event was Mr. Iqbaal Rizzvi, A well renowned filmmaker and mental health advocate. Mr. Iqbaal Rizzvi has been part of the industry for over two decades, armed with a degree from the New York Film Academy, he has directed and edited television films, television serials, music videos, fashion shows, lifestyle programmes, promos, corporate films, advertisements, and documentaries or various channels and clientele.

Dr. Zeenat Iqbal, Deputy DSW, Associate Professor, School of Pharmaceutical Education & Research, Jamia Hamdard was the moderator for this event. She had conducted the interactive session with Mr. Rizzvi in a very effective and seamless manner. Dr Iqbal also reiterated the need for acknowledging our emotions, mental health status, breaking the stigma and starting the channels of communication.

During the session various important aspects of Mental Health and its importance were discussed. Mr. Iqbaal Rizzvi had taken a number of questions related to mental health and explained each query very nicely. Mr Rizzvi traced his own journey from being a marketing personnel to copywriting to a director and finally a mental health advocate. He pointed out the fact that the society today has become very fragile, insecure and vulnerable.  In the session he focused on the need to “Find, Accept and Express oneself and ones’ emotions”. Communication and Dialogue are the keys for the peaceful mind. It is equally important to manage own emotions to reach out somebody to reach out to you. He emphasized that it is the time to get ready to talk and breaking the gender stereotypes when it comes to expression of emotions.

Ms. Veena Sharma, Principal, Rufaida College of Nursing and President, Mental Health Club delivered the concluding remarks. She enumerated the need of Mental Health Club. Mental health Club will help the students to speak out and it will create a platform for all to feel emotionally secured. They can talk without the fear of being judged.

Dr. Rashida Begum, Associate Professor, Occupational Therapy Unit, Department of Rehabilitation Sciences and Vice President, Mental Health Club had taken efforts and coordinated with all the members towards the successful accomplishment of the event.

The event was ended with a vote of thanks by Dr. Kalpana Zutshi (Member, Mental Health Club)) on behalf of Mental Health Club and the Jamia Hamdard Fraternity. She thanked the chief Patron, Hon’ble Chancellor Hamid Ahmed and patron Hon’ble Vice Chancellor, Professor Dr. M. Ahshar Alam who have implemented the need of mental hygiene to be incorporated in the University. She thanked the distinguished speaker of the event Mr. Iqbaal Rizzvi for accepting the invitation and make this event a success. She also acknowledged and showed gratitude to Nurture Life for their positive support and collaboration in the successful accomplishment of the event. At last, she thanked members of the Mental Health Club [Ms. Veena Sharma, President, Mental Health Club, Dr. Rashida Begum (OT), Vice President, Mental Health Club, Dr. Kalpana Zutshi (PT), Dr. Sadaf Siraj, Dr. Nazia Ali (OT) and Dr. Swati Srivastava (OT)]. She showed gratitude to the IT support Jamia Hamdard without their effort this event could not be possible. She also thanked all the participants for their enormous positive response throughout the event.

The event got an overwhelming response from the participants from all over the country. Keeping in consideration such an overwhelming response, it was also streamed live on YouTube.  As per an analysis, a total view of 421 participants from all around the world on live streaming.

The event was ended with a positive note “To be inclusive and to be connected to self and others”.