Pregnant women can be encouraged to quit smoking by running a vigorous campaign by sending messages on the phone. This has come to the fore in a new study, which has revealed new effective ways to get rid of the habit of smoking cigarettes.

Research on which women – Researchers from George Washington University in the US included pregnant women in the study who were already using the text messaging program ‘Text 4 Baby’.

Why was the research done – ‘Text 4 Baby’ was helpful in weaning the habit of drinking alcohol during pregnancy but it did not seem to be the case in smoking. The researchers wanted to find out whether the even more effective mobile phone messaging program ‘Quit4Baby’ would work.

The team included around 500 pregnant women who smoked an average of seven cigarettes a day but wanted help breaking the habit.

The objective of the ‘Quit 4 Baby’ program – The ‘Quit 4 Baby’ program has been designed with an objective to reduce smoking and will encourage pregnant women to take a pledge to quit cigarettes from one to eight per day. until messages are sent.

According to the researchers, in these messages, women get information about the dangers of smoking and women can also ask for help by sending back messages.

Research results – According to the study published in the American Journal of Preventive Medicine, 16 percent of the women enrolled in both ‘Text 4 Baby’ and ‘Quit 4 Baby’ programs gave up smoking after three months, while only ‘Text 4 Baby’ Only 11 percent of the women who took advantage of the program quit smoking.