There has been a lot of uproar over the nude photoshoot of Bollywood actor Ranveer Singh. Many people have come in support of it and some opposed it a lot. Not only this, protests have been raised in many places, so even a case has been registered against Ranveer in Mumbai. The organization that filed the case alleges that it has hurt the sentiments of women. Some say that Ranveer is a youth icon and this will have a bad effect on the youth.

Unnecessary noise: Photographer

Now the side of the person who has taken this photo of Ranveer has come to the fore. Photographer Ashish Shah told ETimes that the pictures were a collaboration between Ranveer and him. When he was asked about the ruckus happening in these photos, he said that we can make an issue for everyone. Ranveer was quite comfortable with his body. It is great that actors like Ranveer allow me to shoot with my vision. The noise is rather inappropriate.

He said that he is also getting very positive feedback from the people. People who have an understanding of photography and painting will like these pictures. Ranveer and I had a good conversation about his films and the directors he has worked with. Ranveer was not shy about this shoot. We were very comfortable with each other. Ashish further said that he does not know that any other actor will get such a shoot done.

Clothes collected for Ranveer

There have been mixed reactions to Ranveer’s photoshoot so far. However, the actor said about this that he can be nude in front of thousands of people. He is quite comfortable with it. Most Bollywood actors have also supported him. An NGO from Indore opposed it in its way. He started a campaign to collect clothes for Ranveer Singh. Mumbai Police has registered a case under various sections of IPC and section 67A of the IT Act.

These photos, shot for Paper magazine, were posted online on July 21. Ranveer is not wearing a single cloth in these photos. Later he also shared these photos on his Instagram account.