In October last year, TiE announced TSS Social Enterprise Awards to recognize social enterprises who are pursuing the United Nations’ Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) and positively impacting social and natural environments, biodiversity, and the world at large through innovative processes and technologies. This year, among the winners, is, an organization that has for more than a decade devoted itself to sustainable afforestation activities, provided livelihoods to tribal and rural communities,  created natural carbon sinks in urban zones through tree planting, expanded animal habitats, and worked towards nourishing biodiversity.

Bikrant Tiwary, CEO, said, “For us to create a green legacy is both a mission and a reward but such recognitions make a lot of difference to the morale of the team. This recognition has given us even more energy to keep expanding India’s green cover one tree at a time and to collaborate with the most powerful as well as the humblest stakeholders to help mother earth breathe better. We want to take this opportunity to remind people that we need to avert the worst impacts of climate change if we want to leave behind a healthy planet. And planting trees is the easiest way to heal the climate crisis. Everyone can plant at least one tree for a greener tomorrow so let us not wait any longer and do our bit.” has planted millions of trees across India over the last decade and also made it easier for even individuals to plant, gift, or donate trees through a click. From wildlife habitats to cities to holy places and even medical campuses, their plantation drives have brought green cheer where there was none. In total, 115 social enterprises were recognized and felicitated at TSS 2021, described as the world’s largest Sustainability Summit.