In the winter season, care of the face has to be taken a little more. Because in this season many problems like dry, dull skin start appearing. Often you must have noticed that there are small pores on the face. Which helps to get out the natural oil and sweat of the skin. But when these fine pores start appearing like big and pit (face pack for open pores), then they spoil the beauty of your face. These pores open up in a very high quantity. Due to this the problem of acne also increases. People with oily skin are more worried about the problem of open pores. So, let’s ease your troubles and tell you such home remedies for open pores that you will be able to get rid of.

banana face pack
With a banana face pack, you will get rid of open pores treatment very quickly. For this, you have to use banana peels because the skin is tight with its peels. For this, just grind the banana peels finely. Leave this paste on the face for 15 to 20 minutes. Then wash off with water. By using it (banana face pack) twice a week, the effect will be visible in a few days.

Turmeric and Rose Water Face Pack
Turmeric is a panacea for every pain anyway. It is also very beneficial for the skin. It acts as an anti-bacterial on the skin. To make its face pack, put two spoons of turmeric (open pores DIY face pack) and one spoon of rose water in a bowl. Mix both well and apply on the face. After this, after 15 minutes, clean the face thoroughly with water. Apply this face pack well two to three times a week.

Multani mitti face pack
You must have heard many times from the mouths of grandmothers that apply Multani mitti, it will shine on the face. Multani mitti indeed helps in enhancing the beauty of the skin. To make its face pack, prepare Multani mitti by mixing it with rose water. Leave it on the face for some time. Wash the face when it dries completely. Using this face pack for a few days will get rid of open pores.