By – Shilpa shah, professor, HKBBA College

Theology never seems to be true to us in general or maybe it seems like a fantasy because we cannot understand it properly. Theology has been saying for ages that happiness is within us but we have not been able to understand or accept it but now after many scientific research on happy hormones one has to accept it. Happy hormones are the hormone or chemical of pleasure. Hormones are naturally occurring chemical elements in the body that act as a messenger and guide many bodily functions i.e. every organ and cell of the body receives guidance on what to do and how to function. Such hormones can also be a source of happiness through which a person experiences joy. Hormones that make you feel happy are known as happy hormones. When life is done according to one’s own desires or when it is possible to do something easily, when the desires are fulfilled, naturally such happy hormones are released in the body, which is the main element determining one’s pleasure. How long this happiness lasts also depends on the level of these hormones in the body.

According to scientific research, happiness, stress, anxiety, frustration, despair, etc., all these emotions that arise automatically in the body are due to special type of chemical in the body. There are four main chemicals that keep a person happy and throw away anxiety, frustration and despair and create an atmosphere of happiness and joy in life. The four chemicals or hormones are dopamine, oxytocin, serotonin and endorphins. The right amount of dopamine shapes a person’s good and bad habits. Motivates the person to do good deeds. Adequate amounts of sleep, music, meditation, spending time in close proximity to nature are useful for maintaining dopamine levels in the body. Oxytocin makes humans more social so it is also known as “love hormone”. The element of love in a person is enhanced by this chemistry. Through which a person chooses social relations. Spending time with family, friends, exchanging love, spending more time with a loved one, etc. increases the level of oxytocin hormone in the body. Meeting a relative or lover as well as preparing a good meal for him also increases the level of this hormone in the body. A chemical called serotonin, which is also known as “leader hormone”, causes pride in humans. This hormone also breeds a sense of loyalty. Direct exposure to sunlight increases the levels of this chemical in the body. Proper diet, exercise is useful for serotonin. Milk products, nuts, soy products are good sources of serotonin. Endorphins reduce the experience of pain. The same chemical is used in painkiller tablets. This hormone is a natural painkiller produced in the body. Active life, positivity, exercise increases endorphins naturally in the body. If a person dances, do gardening, stays active in activities he likes, rides a bicycle, plays sports, this hormone is automatically released in the body.

There are many types of hormones in the body that arise regularly and naturally that control many biological processes in the body such as hunger, blood pressure, sexual desire, etc. The chemical secreted from the six main glands in the body are called hormones. The body consists mainly of pituitary gland, pineal gland, thymus gland, thyroid gland, adrenal gland, pancreas and peptide gland. The pituitary gland is associated with almost all hormones, on which a person’s diet and mental constitution are based. Happy hormones are released very naturally and in sufficient quantity in the body of a person who follows a nutritious sattvic diet and remains uninterruptedly positive as well as his level is maintained. And such a person does not get tired or frustrated in the phase of any difficulties in life. There are 6 main diets that cause hormonal imbalance in the body such as red meat, soy products, caffeine, dairy products, processed foods and certain vegetables.

Many types of hormones are produced in the body regularly and spontaneously that regulate many biological processes. The endocrine glands guide the body on how to breathe, where and how to use the body’s energy, and so on. Different types of hormones affect the body’s growth, metabolic rate and fertility. Also affects the body’s immune system and most importantly determines a person’s behavior as well as improves behavior of person time to time. The three main types of hormones are lipid derived hormones, amino acid derived hormones and peptide hormones. It contains six different types of hormones which are useful and cause many other problems for the patient. When the pituitary gland does not produce enough hormones, many diseases and ailments occur in the body. Hormones provide guidance to almost every organ and cell in the body on how to function and what to function. There are three types of stress hormones in the body, also known as “bad hormones”, which indirectly eliminate the happy hormones.
There is an eternal statement of Hindu scriptures that happiness is born from within, cannot be found in the outside world. Happiness is a blessing of nature that exists in the innermost world of a person and instinctively flows from the inner pure form of the soul. But the so-called educated and intelligent modern people cannot accept it. We are constantly searching for happiness in the outside world in relationships, money, position and prestige. But now science has proved through many researches that the four types of happy hormones inside us i.e. the hormones of happiness automatically arise from time to time in certain situations. Science says that a person can be happy only if the body secretes hormones called happy hormones. The desire to be happy alone cannot work. Everyone in the world wants to be happy but can’t because the four types of happy hormones mentioned by medical science (serotonin, endorphins, oxytocin and dopamine) are not excreted in the human body which is due to our unhealthy modern life style.
The hormone oxytocin does a great job of producing love. One who does not have these hormones in his body cannot love anyone. These hormones are released when we fall in love with someone or love someone very much or even express love. Love is the breath of creation, the joy of love is the highest joy of existence. The God who runs the universe takes love in the breath just as we take oxygen in the breath. Our sages may have known this for ages, so the Vedas, the Puranas and the Upanishads have advised us to love every element of nature which is very scientific.

Through which the benefit is received by the person himself more than by anyone else. Happy hormones are automatically generated by spending time with something that pleases the heart. Spending quality time in life increases the hormone oxytocin. Happy hormones can be created even through any hobby, desire fulfillment efforts in life and life can be made uninterruptedly cheerful and happy. The brain releases a hormone called dopamine when it receives good news, that is why dopamine is also known as a reward chemical. When we give good news to the brain as a reward, it also gives us dopamine as a return gift which increases our happiness. Thus the realm of unceasing “take and give” runs in nature. That’s why keep giving something to everyone. There is no doubt that you will get something in return. To improve dopamine levels in the body it is necessary to take care of oneself, it is essential to give importance to self-desires. Doing what a person likes, eating favorite food, playing a game of our choice, or doing activities that we enjoy improves dopamine levels or releases more dopamine. Once dopamine or oxytocin are released, a hormone called serotonin is very useful to keep the mood stable or happy. Exercising, walking in the open air, doing yoga and meditation help a lot in the release of serotonin and maintaining its level. In addition to this there is another hormone called endorphin, which proves to be very powerful in relieving a person’s mental problems. A person who has high levels of these hormones does not get frustrated or depressed even in any difficulty. Almost all painkillers for allopathy contain endorphins that have pain-relieving properties. Numerous scientific researches have shown that consumption of dark chocolate boosts these hormones. Laughter also increases these hormones at multiple rate. These hormones can be boosted by watching comedy shows or comedy movies as well as activities like laughing clubs.

According to Hindu scriptures, human happiness is based on five cells (PANCHKOSHA – ANNA KOSH (food cells made by sattvic and nutritious food), MANKOSH mind cells that is state of mind and positivity) PRANMAYKOSH that is energy of a person, speed and condition of breath, VIGYANKOSH that is virtues like conscience, friendship, love) and ANANDAKOSH that is blissful cells made up by Holiness, gratitude, good deeds, morality and purity etc.) Happiness is the real form of the soul so that for its attainment the soul i.e. the self has to be explained and accepted. You have to spend time with yourself, you have to take care of the things you like. So happiness becomes natural and happy hormones are constantly emitted. Now tell me the scriptures that give excellent advice for the best human life such as always be happy, spend time with self, love everyone, stay away from negativity, do what you like, live an active life with proper exercise, eat a good sattvic diet, live a regular life, create a hobby and keep doing something creative, etc. Are they wrong?

It is up to us to be happy in life or to create happy hormones and maintain their levels. I hope you might be understood through this article that happiness is absolutely in our hands. Let us emit Happy Hormones from today itself to make our lives happier and more vibrant and make life meaningful by maintaining its levels uninterrupted. The race for material happiness begins with the feeling of less. A person is not satisfied with what he has, he wants more than he has and there is no end to it. A person suffering from the feeling of dissatisfaction is constantly engrossed in the fulfillment of desires and forgets his original form, the soul, which causes stress in life and stops the production of happy hormones in the body. If anyone has mastered the art of emitting happy hormones through today’s article, I feel that my purpose of writing is served. I pray God that happy hormones are constantly being released in everyone’s life and we all remain happy for ever.

By – Shilpa shah, professor, HKBBA College