Uttrayan is a popular Hindu festival celebrated in the Indian state of Gujarat. It is also known as Makar Sankranti or Pongal in other parts of India. The festival is celebrated on January 14th every year, and marks the transition of the sun into the zodiac sign of Makar (Capricorn).

The festival is celebrated to welcome the arrival of spring and to mark the end of the winter solstice. It is believed that during this time, the sun’s rays are the most benevolent, and are considered to be particularly auspicious for performing religious rituals and ceremonies.

One of the most popular customs associated with Uttrayan is the flying of kites. People of all ages and backgrounds take to the rooftops to fly kites, and the skies are filled with a colorful array of kites. It is also a great time for people to come together and socialize with friends and family.

Another popular tradition associated with Uttrayan is the distribution of sweets, particularly til-gud (a sweet made from sesame seeds and jaggery) and chikki (a hard candy made from jaggery and peanuts).

In addition to the kite flying and sweet distribution, many people also take a dip in holy rivers and perform special prayers and rituals to seek blessings from the sun god.

Overall, Uttrayan is a joyous and colorful festival that brings people together and celebrates the arrival of spring and the end of the winter solstice. It is an important cultural and religious event in Gujarat, and is celebrated with great enthusiasm and gaiety.