Whether you like going to the gym or doing yoga, it is important to tie your hair while exercising. Try these top hairstyles that are not only easy to create but will also keep you from sweating during your workout session.

take a bun

The low bun tied around the neck is perfect for a yoga session. It is very easy to make and it will not come on the face while doing yoga. This hairstyle is perfect for medium or long hair.

simple braid

When you don’t have time and in no mood to try something new, then make this simple braid. This easy-to-grow hairstyle is perfect for any type of workout.

high ponytail

If you are going to do fast cardio exercise, then the option of high ponytail is the best. This tightly tied ponytail will give your hair a chance to breathe too.

top knot

It is perfect for all types of workouts. Tie a top knot when doing gymnastics or power yoga. fishtail braid

If you want to look stylish during workouts, then make a super-stylish high fishtail braid and go for jogging or running. Make a ponytail by braiding the hair from the side.