Milk is considered a companion of health and everyone from children to elders is advised to consume it. However, milk is equally beneficial for your health as well as skin. Actually, milk contains many types of minerals and vitamins, which nourish your skin.

Generally, women undergo various expensive beauty treatments to take care of their skin. But if you want, you can also pamper your skin with the help of raw milk. Also, it can make the face more glowing and get rid of uneven skin tone and many other skin problems. So today in this article we are telling you about some easy steps to do milk facial at home-

start with cleansing

Facials begin with cleaning your skin. For this, you clean your skin with milk. To clean the face, first of all, mix a little raw milk and lemon juice in a bowl. Now apply it on your face and massage it with light hands. Now leave it on your face like this for 5-10 minutes. Then clean the skin with water.

Note- If you have sensitive skin, you can also use tomato juice instead of lemon juice.

do scrubbing

Scrub your skin after cleansing. It helps in removing dead skin cells and makes your skin more firm and glowing. To make a scrub for the face, mix a little raw milk in coffee powder and then apply it on your skin and scrub it with light hands. You scrub your skin for about two to four minutes and then leave it like this for five to ten minutes. Finally, clean the skin with the help of water.

Note– If you want, you can also use lentil powder in place of coffee powder while making the scrub.

apply face pack

After exfoliating your skin, you can make a face pack with the help of raw milk and apply. To make a face pack, take one tablespoon of raw milk in a bowl and then mash one-fourth of the ripe avocado and mix it. Now make a smooth paste out of it and apply it on your skin. Apply this pack on your face and neck for 10-15 minutes and then wash your skin.


Now massage your skin to pamper it. This is the last step of your milk facial, which will help tone and moisturize your face. For this, make a paste by mixing a little raw milk and honey in a bowl. Now apply this paste on your face and massage for about 20 minutes. Then leave it like this for ten minutes. Lastly, wash the face.