International Women’s Day 2022: International Women’s Day is on 8 March. This day is celebrated to make women aware of their rights, to give them equal respect and entitlement in the society. India is a male dominated country. There was a time when women’s desire, their choice and their dreams and goals were hidden like a face hidden behind a veil, but now women are in equal status in the society. She herself decides the path, works hard to fulfill her dreams. Expresses her views on several occasions. This condition of women is being created not only in the field of work, but also in the relationship and family. Women love their partner, take care of them but on many occasions they also express their partner’s mistakes and their bad habits when they dislike them. Sometimes she gets angry with some habits of the partner and also expresses anger.

In such a situation, every man should know that what women do not like about men at all.

Understanding the working machine

Often after marriage, the responsibility of all the household chores falls on the wife. Husbands also consider the wife to be a working machine. Whether a woman is a housewife or a employed person, she is responsible for all the household chores. Women also do household chores after coming back from office, whereas if women stay at home, then the husband feels that the wife rests at home, because they do not feel like doing household chores. No woman likes this thing about a man.

Putting the responsibility of household and family

In India, women have all the responsibility of the household. Men believe that it is the duty of women to take care of all the household chores and children and elders. But women do not like this thinking of men. There are both in household life, in such a situation, the responsibility of the house should be equal on both the wife and the husband.

Returning home late

The wife is busy with household chores throughout the day, while when it is evening she waits for the husband to come from work, so that she can spend some moments with them. But when men return home late, women’s desire to wait and spend time remains unfulfilled. Sometimes the wife is hungry to have dinner with her husband but the husband comes late and does not even care about them. Women do not tolerate these actions of men at all.


Often men at home remain careless. He feels that even if he does not do any work, his wife will do that work for him. Like forgetting to bring vegetables or household items, leaving wet towels on the bed, not repairing the bed even after getting up after the wife and not keeping cleanliness etc. But women dislike this habit of men. She also interrupts him again and again about this.