There are many benefits of applying oil on the belly button. Massage done on the belly button before sleeping at night is effective in removing the problem ranging from skin problems to chapped lips. Along with improving the complexion of the face, oil massage makes the face soft and glowing by removing acne and pimples. So let’s know about the infallible benefits of different oil massages on the belly button.

Neem Oil Massage – Get rid of acne and pimples

Most of the girls are troubled by the problem of acne and pimples. Due to which the slightest tampering can become the reason for the spots on the face. To get rid of them, massage the belly button (navel) with neem oil. Which is best to remove the problem of pimples.

Almond Oil Massage – Increases facial glow

Almond oil is used to enhance the strength and beauty of the hair, but do you know that it is very beneficial in enhancing and maintaining the glow of the face as well. Yes, massage almond oil on the navel and see the difference in a few days.

Mustard Oil Massage – Removes the problem of dry and chapped lips

Although the problem of chapped and dry lips is mostly in the winter season, but with some people this problem persists throughout the year. If you are also one of them, then massage the navel with mustard oil. You will start to see the difference only after a few weeks of massage. It also keeps your lips moisturized.

Lemon Oil Massage – Improve facial complexion

If you want to keep the complexion of the face intact, then massage the navel with lemon oil. The alpha hydroxy acidic element present in it, along with improving the complexion of the skin, also removes the problems of wrinkles and fine lines.

Coconut Oil Massage – Increase Fertility

Coconut oil has been used for a long time to enhance beauty, but do you know that by massaging coconut oil on the navel, you can also get relief from the problem of fertility.