It is a misfortune of the Hindu society or perhaps of the entire human society that we have not been able to give as much importance to the father as we have given to the mother. Even in literature, fatherhood has not been glorified as motherhood. We have seen father only hitting, firing, torturing or giving continues advice to the children, only this kind of role of him comes to our notice again and again but I don’t think we have ever tried to understand the feeling or purpose behind this typical role of father.

A father I have always felt like a coconut is very hard on the outside but very gentle or soft inside and too much emotional. But because they cannot express their feelings, we do not understand their true personality. The role of father in life of a child, in his success or in the cultivating sacrament is not less than the mother. If the mother is considered as God, then the father is also entitled to the same high position. But our society has great limitation that it has never understood the law of equality. In a patriarchal society, a man is given so much importance so the role of a woman is forgotten automatically and a woman is inadvertently considered inferior to a man. In the same way, an emotional society places a mother in such a high position that automatically lowers the status of a father. We can never truly understand that both are equally important and indispensable to human life. All knowledge is found only in words and not in deeds. That is our greatest misfortune.
If we try to know the feelings or heart of the father I am sure he will be very distressed from inside as his role could not be appreciated as much as it should be. It is generally believed that men do not like show off of emotions that is why probably the idea of celebrating a certain day to appreciate the role, work or importance of men (father) may not have come to society first but “DER AAYE DURUST AAYE”. I think on this special day, the heartache of the father and the emptiness of his heart should be filled with our sincere heart and deep emotion. Men are not in the habit of expressing their feelings openly, they may not like it, but they do expect someone to express their feelings openly towards him, which makes them happy and impressed. So let’s fulfill their wishes and expectations on this special day.

I genuinely feel that at least on this special day, an attempt should be made to repay the debt as much as it is possible to truly understand the importance of the father or his role and contribution. It is well known that our existence is not possible without him. No matter how fertile and best the soil is, but if the seed is not of excellent quality, it is not possible to get the best of the crop. In that sense the mother’s womb is nothing but the good soil for the child, but the seed responsible for its existence is the father’s gift. If we are healthy, good, sensible, valuable and quality today, it is not due to only the soil but also to the seeds. The morality of the individual and society is based on the inherited sacraments they receive. It is not just the right to inherit property from one generation to the next. But the greatest capital is the sacraments inherited by the individual and generations. These sacraments are inherited by the present generation from their predecessors i.e. the sacraments of a child are inherited by his mother, father, grandparents, past generations, family members. Children of cultured parents or children raised in cultured families are more likely to be reluctant to engage in immoral activities. Because their sacraments found in jeans prevent them from committing immoral acts. The knowledge or sacraments that are acquired through the study of the scriptures are learned from the womb by the children of cultured parents. Genetic science has proven through many researches that all the inequalities between individuals are based on genes. Science considers it fundamental. Genes are the final component of our anatomy. These genes contain chromosomes that determine a person’s appearance, temperament, intelligence, and so on. A child with excellent chromosome is naturally different from others. Science has acknowledged that the world’s great philosophers, dignitaries, incarnations, etc., are totally different and superior to the common man due to their chromosome, i.e. the genes of their parents as well as the chromosomes of their predecessors.

Father’s Day is celebrated worldwide on the third Sunday in June, beginning with the United States’ intention to honor the role of father and fatherhood in the 20th century. The celebration of such a special day becomes necessary for the attention of the society to go towards the role of mother as well as father. This day is celebrated all over the world with the aim of raising awareness about the role or contribution of the father in the life of the children as well as appreciating or honoring him. Father’s Day is celebrated in March in seven countries of the world like Portugal, Spain, Italy etc. India follows Father’s Day celebrated in the US. In short, Father’s Day seems to be a system to understand the importance and inevitability of male parenting as well as to raise awareness about it. Father’s Day was first proposed in 1909-10 as a compliment to Mother’s Day.
In the family or society we have seen the father only in terms of the financial needs of the children and home. Even at an early age, children may realize that this is only the roll of father. But the father himself to meet all those needs spends his whole life which cannot be possible without soft feelings towards family members. We know that even if it is a small task for someone to do, there is a need for emotion, without which the task is not possible. It is not a trivial matter to dedicate entire life for family and children, to sacrifice one’s own desires and fulfill other’s desires without even realizing it. Even if the father does not have a mobile, he always be ready to give a smart phone to his son or daughter, he lives with two pairs of clothes but how can he forget the father who keeps the children’s closet constantly full of new clothes.

With the birth of a child, the father’s hectic life starts, such as rushing for office to make a birth certificate, pushing for admission in school-college, hard work for children’s interviews and job, their marriage, worrying about finding a good spouse for them. How can one forget the gratitude of father because he has only one desire to give best to offspring that keeps him busy and active for life, never tired, bored, no complaints that you have ended my life, with a smiling face, giving excellent lessons and admonition to the children, constantly trying and understanding everything instinctively as his duty, I pay my respects to such a father.

At the time of the daughter’s departure, a different form of father is observed, even though he is crying from the depths of his heart, he keeps the upper pretense of being healthy intact, he hands over a piece of his heart that is his daughter in the hands of others and begs to take care of her. It is natural to revealed God in him. In many situations like daughter’s departure, the father feels compelled and helpless inside, cries inside, worries about his daughter’s future, but pretends to be strong on the outside the father hides all his sorrows in order to keep the family strong. Perhaps that is why heart attacks will be more in males (father) as they cannot alleviate the burden of grief by crying like a mother. Father’s love is not visible but an emotional person with the ability to see the inner vision can feel it from time to time. Today, on the occasion of Father’s Day, I salute all the fathers of the world.

If it is not even possible for God to pay off the debt of father (or even mother), then how can it be possible for us, but by worshiping him from time to time, obeying his commands, serving him as much as possible, bringing happiness on his face, we must fulfill our responsibility or duty as worthy children that is also not only for a day but the entire life otherwise the celebration of father’s day becomes meaningless. Fatherhood is a full time job. Until the last breath of life, fatherhood is associated with male and hard work. It is unfortunate that modern fathers sometimes turn paternity into a part-time job. Actually the mother is the earth for the child, the father is the sky and it is well known that life exists between these two. With the birth of a child, the father is also born so it is lifelong relation.

The instructions and teachings received from the father on small and big occasions are very useful and decisive in life which become a sacrament and remain with us uninterruptedly. The daughter’s relationship with the father does not lose its warmth even after marriage. Daughter of RAGHUVEER CHAUDHARY has written a beautiful thing about this relation that “In the presence of Dad, the strings of age seem to be wrapped around in a spin.” means we feel always young and energetic in presence of the father (we all must have experience that when we meet father even at elder age we realize that still we are child). Our parents are no less than the Nobel Prize or Oscar we received from God for any of our outstanding deeds. One writer wrote that “The mother is there to hide, but there is no greater inspiration or strength than the father in battle.” The true identity of a father is to keep his children awake by supplying virtues and energy to them.

The father is the pillar of the house on which everything survives. No matter what troubles or hurricanes comes he always strong and resilient. The father is such a banyan tree that his coldness is felt by the whole family for a lifetime and complete security can be felt under it. A poet says that the steps of a daughter-in-law entering a house after marriage are in fact steps of blood flowing in the heart of a father as every daughter is the heart of a father. A father is a kind person who gives more than the demands. God may be delayed in giving what we want, but in terms of satisfying the demand of children father is very quick so the father’s status is higher than God.

What should I write about the father who taught me to write? Words are not adequate to describe father’s personality. To me, the Father is the revelation of God. Those who forget all their desires, aspirations, troubles, illnesses, dissolve their whole existence and live only for the fulfillment of the desires of their children are rare creatures i.e. father. If the mother cultivates, the father teaches worldliness, gives an understanding of how to move forward with the world. In short father teaches how to live life. Thus if the mother teaches the sacrament then the father shapes. Father’s spectacles are needed to understand the intricacies of the world. Father’s earning is the happiness of entire family. Just as the glory of goddess PARVATI is not complete without Shiva, the glory of mother is incomplete without father. A poet has rightly written, “Whose heart beats for the family, who fragrance like incense for the family is the father who makes the entire family alive and happy.”

On the special day of Father’s Day, I must say that if there is nothing that can be done by us as offspring in life, then instead of regretting we must do something that the burden of the father is lessened. The instinct of “I love you” for mom is so natural but it would be not so easy for dad, even if it doesn’t possible, the word “salute” is really needed or essential for father. Wish you a very happy father’s day to all. Today’s article is dedicated to my father who has made my life.

Shilpa shah, director in-charge, HKBBA College