Love plays an important role in any relationship . Apart from love, it is also very important to have support and trust in each other to make a relationship close . Today, the strength and trust in the relationship is not visible soon . Many times people cheat their partner very easily and the person in front does not even realize it . If you also suspect that your partner is cheating on you, then by looking at some of his things, you can find out the reality .

Changing Habits – No one explicitly gives up their habits easily . But if your partner is changing his habits, then you understand that somewhere he is cheating on you . During this, your partner does many such things which he has never done before . So pay attention to this thing .

Timings have changed- Earlier your partner used to leave home on time and come back on time . Due to work pressure, there can be early commuting to the office , but if this is happening on a daily basis, then you should understand that there is definitely something wrong .

Increased Business Trips- In most of the offices people have to go out for business trips . It is normal to have 1 or 2 in a month, but if your husband stays out of the house for several days giving you the excuse of a business trip, then you should understand that he is cheating on you .

Do not take you out anywhere- Your husband used to take you with him to all the places before and after marriage . You guys used to plan some trip, but now they do not like to go anywhere with you and do not plan any trip, then you should understand that they are bored with you and they need to travel anywhere with you. Not interested .

Lack of romance- If your partner no longer romances you at all or if there is a lack of physical intimacy between the two of you, then it may be that he is trying to get away from you . Habits like telling untruths on talk, account on social media and telling untruths again and again also show that you are getting cheated in the relationship .