‘Survivors’, isn’t it the appropriate word to use when we are living in an era where a deadly virus called Coronavirus exists. Viruses which took many lives, gave pain to families and made middle class people weaker.

I think we all should congratulate each other and ourselves too for surviving through 2021. Why? Because we thought 2021 would be easier because we got vaccines and some medicines but no, it was even more dangerous with new corona forms such as Delta and now Omicron. Some even got Corona and one example is my parents. But they and others fought through it and managed to survive. But everything has ended right? The one which comes has to go. I know it feels like this virus is gonna be eternal and forever but the one which exists has to be extinct. Didn’t we already forget about diseases like polio, rubella, smallpox cause they all have vaccines and some diseases are even eradicated from the world. This virus will go too.

Year 2022 is coming with more new challenges, more vaccines and maybe more medicines. Are you ready to enter this round with the Omicron challenge and are you ready to be Survivors of 2022 too? What weapons are needed to complete this round? Mask, sanitizers and little bit of care. And to be responsible to take vaccines. We are “Humans”, strongest living beings of every century. Let’s see how many more levels this deadly game has? We will fight through it. Let’s be “Survivors of 2022”.

Niti Sejpal “Titli”