Diwali has just arrived and if you haven’t bought your own attire yet, we can help you with it. What kind of clothes you should wear this Diwali, and what kind of footwear and jewelry, know everything here.

Focus on the color of the outfit
Before you choose an outfit, choose its color carefully. Don’t be afraid to choose bold colors. Shades of blue and purple are in trend this year, which you can use in any way in your outfit. Apart from this, Marigold, Beige, Pink, Black or Blue colors are also in trend.

Fusion Fashion
If you have a heart for something different from traditional outfits, you can experiment with different looks. For this, you will get many types of options from desi jumpsuits.

Follow the trend
Choose outfits according to the time, trend and fashion. The festival season is the best time to follow the latest trends. Instead of wearing a simple sari or kurta, get ready according to the fashion trends. You can also wear bright colored saree, suit, or lehenga.

Don’t forget to accessorize
There is no doubt that outfit is the most important thing, but to make the look special on Diwali, jhumkas or bright colored bangles are also necessary. These accessories complete your look. If you want, you can also wear ear cuffs and armbands.

Matching footwear is also important
From high heels to jutis and trendy sandals look good with traditional attire. Don’t overlook footwear to complete your look.