Saree may get the tag of traditional wear, but it is a contemporary dress. If you have a look from the beginning, then you will be sure of this. The fabric and style of the saree kept changing from time to time. For example, sarees like Chanderi-Maheshwari also came in silk and also in semi cotton. Bandhani-lehariya cotton also came and chiffon, silk also. Another thing associated with this change is the draping style. From a pin-up pallu to a loose shoulder pallu and a coat style blouse paired with a saree paired with jeans, the saree has seen a lot of changes. As far as the design is concerned, Chanderi and Maheshwari tweaked the style of the booties, sometimes creating a traditional temple border and sometimes widening or thinning the zari border, but the magic of these sarees did not diminish. Chiffon, Organza, Banarasi, Paithani, Kanjeevaram, There are many types of ikat sarees which are followed even today. If it just changes, then the style of tying them and with this same style, the style of this garment changes.

its magic everywhere

Fashion stylists say that if you want to be the most attractive and admired in a saree, then you should know which saree to wear and what kind of accessories to carry with it. For example, whatever the material of the saree in a corporate meeting, the draping should be normal. Usually sarees of checks and stripes pattern with plain blouse or plain saree with checks blouse gives a classy look. On the other hand, if there is a corporate function and not a meeting, then the pant sari will give you a completely different look. If the saree is simple then a ruffle blouse with frills will look good. If you want, you can also carry a layered sleeves blouse.

Bright colors look good in the functions of the house, but if you want to go to a serious function, then pay special attention to the color. Peach, coral, aqua and olive are colors in pastel shades that can be worn for any function. Floral prints look good in light colors while geometric in dark colors give a different look.

these things will come in handy

1 . In any function of the house, the belt on the saree will give a different look, while in the office, the blazer will look different.

2 . Diamond or pearl jewelery with saree gives a different look in the function.

3 . The traditional saree and its accessories look good on the occasion of marriage. If there is a problem in carrying a saree, then a lehenga saree is also a good option.

4 . Nowadays layered sarees are being preferred. Sarees in dark and light shades look completely different. Pink, maroon, orange, blue, purple, green or neon shades can also be tried in this.

5 . If you are slim then do not wear chiffon or georgette saree in those places where you have to stand for a long time. Weakness is more visible when standing.