COLORS’ ‘Udaariyaan’ continues to mesmerize the viewers while depicting the pursuit of love and ambition through the lives of Alia (Alisha Parveen), Aasmaa (Aditi Bhagat) and Armaan (Anuraj Chahal). In the current storyline, Alia lands a fierce blow to Aasmaa’s head and tosses her into a river, which lands her in the neighbouring country, Pakistan. She resides with an entirely new family in the country, cleverly disguising herself as a Muslim and hiding her Hindu
identity. Amid this upheaval, Aasmaa and Armaan find themselves at the Wagah border for an event. The burning question is whether the hand of fate will unite them. In a harmonious union of music and television, renowned Punjabi folk and Sufi singer Satinder Sartaaj graces the show at this pivotal juncture in the story. The acclaimed artist’s melodic prowess and the romance- drama promise to treat viewers to a compelling narrative along with the soulful tunes of

Satinder Sartaaj says ;Udaariyaan holds a special place in the hearts of people across India, especially in the northern regions of the country. It’s truly an honour to be featured on Hindi television with this immensely popular show. I’m certain that it will be a wonderful treat for both music lovers and television viewers alike. Sufi, folk, and Punjabi music have always been my forte, and I’m thrilled about lending my voice to a sequence of the show while representing
Punjabi music on a grand scale. I’m looking forward to capturing the emotional essence of the storyline, and that’s what makes this collaboration truly exciting. Coincidentally, one of my most popular songs is also titled Udaariyaan, and seeing it find a visual extension in the show is heartening. My song and the show celebrate the spirit of dreams, aspirations, and love. I hope the sentiment of pursuing dreams and love continues to win the hearts of the audience.

Stay tuned to Udaariyaan from Monday to Sunday at 7:00pm only on COLORS!