“It just brings back such a bad taste in your mouth from before the body positivity movement made such strides,” said fashion blogger Renata D’Agrella.

With more than 63 million people fully vaccinated in the United States and Covid-19 restrictions easing in several states, many are hoping this summer could start to feel somewhat normal.

That means, as people leave their homes and ditch the sweatpants, summer fashion trends are starting to crystalize. To the horror of millennials everywhere, this year that may include the return of low-rise jeans.

The return of low-rise jeans was noted Tuesday by Vox’s Rebecca Jennings in an article for “The Goods,” spurring a polarizing social media response from those eager to get back to their early 2000s low-rise jeans and those who decried the return of a garment often associated with thinness and body-shaming.

“I think a lot of my hesitation around the low-rise trend along with a lot of other zillennials, millennials is it kind of brings back some memories of the fatphobia of the early 2000s and Y2K era,” said Renata D’Agrella, 24, of New York City, who creates content on TikTok about fashion advice and trends.

VR Niti Sejpal