Content : –

1) Fine Flour.
2) Salt.
3) Ajowan.
4) Boiled potatoes.
5) Boiled peas.
6) Oil.
7) Cumin seeds.
8) Asafoetida.
9) Ginger-chili paste.
10) Tamarind powder.
11) Hot spices.
12) Coriander.

How to make ?

1) Add oil, Ajowan, cumin seeds, water to the fine flour and make lumps of flour. Then keep that flour aside.
2) Heat a pan, add oil, cumin, asafoetida, boiled potatoes, boiled peas and remaining spices.
3) Cut the flour into rounds. Then shape half of it into a cone and stuff it in it.
4) Then fry it in oil.

And Your hot samosa is ready.

VR Niti Sejpal