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1) Chickpea flour
2) Milk
3) Ghee
4) Sugar
5) Cardamom
6) Saffron
7) Almonds

How to make ?

1) First put the saffron in hot water and keep it aside.
2) Mix chana flour, ghee and milk in a bowl and let it rest for 30 minutes.
3) Sieve it to loosen the knots.
4) Heat ghee in a hot pan, add mix and let it heat for a while.
5) After a while add milk and ghee again.
6) Once the mix cools down, add saffron, sugar and cardamom.
7) When it is ready, take it out in a plate and garnish it with cardamom and almonds.
Cut into equal shapes. Your Mohanthal is ready

VR Niti Sejpal