Changing Horizons


Though I love stability, my life is not at the harbour,

You can’t tie me down with an anchor.

I may be a son, a husband or a father,

But at heart, I’m a marine, a sailor.


I can hear the calling of the ocean waves,

I’ll have to leave my family, I’ll have to be brave.

It’s time to set the sails and meet my shipmates,

‘coz foreign lands are now my fate.


With tears in my eyes, I withdraw from her nestle,

Bidding farewell to all, I embark my vessel.

We exchanged promises of keeping in touch,

Letters and calls, and messages just as much.


The darting aquatic birds welcome me,

My chirping friends through the sea.

Clouds above guide me to my destination,

Taking me to distant horizons.


As the magnificent crimson sunset touches the skyline,

Casting its golden hue, making the waters shine.

The beautiful colours make me forget my miseries,

Whilst I’m softly kissed by the cooling moist breeze.


It has its own rhythmic pulse, the dreamy sea,

Kindling a calm and soothing symphony.

The waves crawl around us, drenching the seabed below,

There’s no hurry, the voyage is gonna be long and slow.


At night the ocean gives me a creepy feeling,

But now the sea is my home, the sky my ceiling.

A sight for sore eyes is the moonlit vista,

Echoing sailor songs at the deck, is our mini fiesta.


As days, weeks and months pass in the waters,

I miss my sons, I miss my daughters.

Only duty keeps me away from my family,

Rest assured, foreign lands will never satisfy me.


Wherever I go, wherever my feet may roam,

Taking a U-turn, for sure I’m coming back home.

My true life is with my near and dear ones,

Not at the sea, not with the changing horizons.


Shamim Merchant,