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Catwalk! Small Steps Big Floor

Catwalk! Small Steps Big Floor 

A fashion show was organized in Dubai, which is being discussed by everyone. Women took an active part in this ramp walk of short stature

When we talk about a fashion show. So the image of a beautiful and tall girl comes in our mind. Just to change this thinking, International Dwarf Fashion Show is organized every year in Dubai.

This fashion show is quite different. Its theme is a bit different, there is no illusion of big brands here. Its purpose is only one so that those with low height can get equal status in the society. Height is low, so what happened, their spirits are very high.

This is the reason that there was not the slightest hesitation among these women while walking on the ramp. She walked down the ramp with full confidence. and amazed the onlookers.

These models were wearing many beautiful dresses. From gowns to short dresses, everything was seen in this fashion show. Women who came to participate in this show came from far and wide. Some came from America, some from Britain to participate in this fashion show.

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