On 21st May BTS new single “Butter” was released and soon after its released it started breaking records.

It got 1M likes before the release at it’s premeire only making it fastest MV to do so.

It got 20M views even before 1 hr after its release. It also makes new record of 3.9M concurrent views on it’s premeiere surpassing dynamite record of 3M views.

Previously Dynamite by BTS was holding record of 101.1M views in 24 hrs. While Butter surpassed it and got 108.2M in 24 hrs making it fastest MV to do in Youtube history.

Butter also broke Spotify record by making 11.0M streams making it only song to do that on first day. It top iTunes chart at 101 countries.

It received 1962 pop radio plays by end of Friday.

Butter is a cool summer song to which everyone can dance and enjoy.

BTS once again proves that they are the only one who can make and break their own record.

Congratulations to BTS on this historic achievement!

VR Niti Sejpal.