• With ‘Impossible Is Nothing’, adidas and adidas athletes inspire consumers to see the world of endless possibilities
  • adidas India launches the campaign through the voice of Indian Cricketer, Rohit Sharma during a virtual press conference

Leading sportswear giant adidas launches its ‘Impossible is Nothing’ campaign through the voiceof athletes such as Rohit Sharma, Manpreet Singh, Mirabai Chanu,Simranjeet Kaur and Lovlina Borgohain.

Speaking about the launch, Sunil Gupta, Senior Director, Brand adidas, India said, `Through the stories of some of our key athletes, we intend to bring to life the ‘Impossible is Nothing’ attitude and inspire our consumers and communities to see and realise their possibilities. With rebellious optimism, we are driven by action to shape a better future together.We see ourselves playing the role of a catalyst with our partners, like Rohit,who have been building conversations around sustainability.”

Indian Cricketer Rohit Sharma said, “adidas has been the driving force of positive change in the lives of people beyond athletes, inspiring us all to push boundaries. I personally resonate with the impossible is nothing attitude and was thrilled when we worked on the unique idea of representing the causes through me on the playing field.It is extremely important to have anactive dialogue on matters of sustainability through all possible mediums and inspire all around us to see the possibilities of positive change.”

adidas has been in the forefront of encouraging athletes in their sporting journey, enabling them with the best-in-class products to support them in achieving their possibilities.The campaigncelebrates the athletes with a higher purpose,unlocking the emotion of seeing possibilities through the journey of the athletes.

Harnessing the power of sport, adidas brought forward the narrative of sustainability using Rohit Sharma’s shoes as a beautiful canvas inspiring the viewers to see the possibilities of a sustainable future.

Thecustomized spikesbrought to life the three causes on-‘Save The Rhinos, Save The Corals and Plastic Free Oceans’asRohit sported the shoesduring anInternationalsportingevent. The shoesare aesthetically crafted by designer Aaquib Wani in collaboration withadidasto garner people’s attention towards sustainability and environment in a unique way.