We hear that the first teacher of a child is his mother and his education starts from home. The mother spends most of her time with the child and teaches the child many essential habits in the game itself, which are essential for its development. When children are old enough to go to school and they go to school for the first time, they need to be taught a lot of things that are important to both you and them. Here are some important things (kids) that every parent has a responsibility to teach.


When a child is small, parents have to take care of everything. But when the child becomes a little smarter, it is especially important to teach him to be clean. Teach your child to clean themselves after using the toilet and washroom. Also tell them about infections caused by not keeping them clean.

Never teach your child to hit or reprimand someone while they are playing.

Teach them to love each other. Don’t treat anyone badly. Stay away from fights. If one of their peers argues, teach them or your teacher about it.

We have often seen parents teach their children the alphabet and arithmetic before they go to school.

Teach children body parts, shapes, colors and names of animals, names of birds before teaching this. So that children do not remain completely blank in school.

Teach Yourself to Eat

Parents often pamper their children with their own hands for pampering and maintain this habit for a long time. But before going to school, make it a habit for children to eat with their own hands.

Also teach them to wash their hands well before and after eating.

Teach your children to respect their elders. Make it a habit to say thank you to them. Teach them that when someone gives you something or you take something from someone, be sure to say thank you.

Also, learn to apologize for your mistake. Teach children the importance of social circle. This will help the children to get in the habit of getting along with everyone.