After a dispiriting year of living and working through video, women are investing in fashion and accessories that truly shine on-screen. How to make an impact from the waist up.

IF WE’RE GOING to do this, then let’s do this,” declared Tanya Golesic over Zoom, flashing a wrist stacked with bangles and a kinetic gold cocktail ring. Ms. Golesic, the 49-year-old president of the Americas for shoe empire Jimmy Choo, initially surrendered to casual wear after leaving her New York home to shelter—and videoconference—in place on Long Island last spring. But once June rolled around, she snapped out of her sartorial slump, slipping into blouses and blazers with outsize sleeves and textural sweaters, all eventfully augmented by baubles. “I think people are over being boring…The whole idea of glamour is coming back.” She fantasizes about setting track pants on fire.

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Over the past year, we’ve learned how to conduct everything from job interviews to divorces via computer screen. The halfhearted leggings-and-collared-shirt thing was fine when we naively thought confinement would last a few weeks. But the novelty of slobbing about in workout wear all day has waned. Now, thanks to some combination of optimism, sweatshirt fatigue and longing for a pre-pandemic world, many women are not only getting dressed for Zoom—they’re getting decked out.

VR Niti Sejpal