A young lady has left many on social with mixed feelings after setting her sculpture on fire and watched as it burned – She said she had mistakenly broken the nose of the candle sculpture and decided to destroy it completely – Many thought the pictures capturing the stages of the burning sculpture will make a good album cover. A Twitter user has sparked massive reactions and social media engagement adter carrying a weird act on her sculpture. The lady @kaitlynxwallace took to Twitter to share photos of an amazing female sculpture but was being burnt by a candle lit on it.

Young man uses pencil to draw exact image of his client, shares photos, many praise him Lady causes uproar on Twitter as she set s her candle sculpture on fire Photo she had accidentally broken the nose of the female sculpture she made using candles and thought it best to light it up. She wrote: “Accidentally broke her nose so I decided to light her to see how she burns.” As of time of making this report, her tweet had garnered over 467k love reactions and multiple comments.

VR Niti Sejpal