With its spectacular trove of Asian works of art–both ancient and contemporary– spanning the Far East and South Asia–the 12th annual Asia Week New York continues to delight collectors and connoisseurs of all persuasions. Opening on March 11th through March 20th, the 29 international galleries will present their exhibitions virtually on www.asiaweekny.com and by-appointment, with six auction houses–Bonhams, Christie’s, Doyle, Heritage, iGavel, and Sotheby’s mounting their respective sales.

Says Asia Week New York chairman Katherine Martin: “We are very pleased to have a significant number of participants this year. Up until the pandemic, Asia Week New York focused our energies on the March event, and we also supported our exhibitors who participated in the smaller September Asia Week schedule. However, the ‘new normal’ prompted us to consider a new direction, so we decided to extend membership to dealers, auction houses and museums on an annual basis, which allows us to provide additional and sustained outreach through our website and social media platforms as well as a program of virtual panel discussions throughout the year.”

Asia Week New York exhibitions are open by-appointment and free to the public, and each reveals the rarest and finest examples of Asian ceramics, paintings, prints, textiles, sculpture, jewelry, bronzes, representing artistry, ingenuity and imagination from every time period and corner of Asia.

VR Sunil Gohil