Bigg Boss brings a whole new world of entertainment with the mantras of Dil, Dimaag aur Dum


After months of anticipation, the curtains finally lifted on India’s favourite reality show COLORS’ ‘Bigg Boss’, and viewers were regaled with high-octane glamour and entertainment in its premiere. The audience was treated to the sight of the palatial Bigg Boss house, designed as a majestical world inspired by the architectural charm of Europe. If you’re wondering what it’s like to live in a far-off land, you’ll know soon through the journey of contestants. Continuing the course of dazzling the contestants and the audience, creative masterminds Omung Kumar B. and Vanita Garud have brought the aesthetics of a fantasyland to life for the newest edition of the show. The duo has immersed the mantras of Dil, Dimaag aur Dum into the décor and ambience of the house. Like every enchanted realm, this one too has its secrets. Let’s take a tour of this majestic mansion!


Entering the master’s kingdom


The main gate of the house opens to a garden area that has been transformed into an enchanted backyard with an embellished tree overlooking a cozy seating area. A huge eye fashioned as a gyroscope that represents the universe and legacy of the show is suspended above the pool. The doorway from the garden area to the living room is adorned with a spectacular winged horse sculpture and a coral reef-like archway.


What’s cooking?


The exquisite medieval country kitchen will capture food-related discussions among the housemates and satiate the viewers’ appetite for entertainment. Made with rustic materials that are evocative of nature, this bustling area has a large wooden table, bar stools, wooden worktops, intricately designed cabinets, vintage cutlery, décor items and vases of exotic flowers.


The destination of drama


The main entrance through which the contestants will step into the house is inlaid with mirrors; it opens into the living room and sets a majestic tone. For the first time, the floor of the living area is suggestive of a scenic European street and the architecture has hints of different cultures across the continent. Ornamented with elaborate stone carvings, stairways, alcoves, and balconies, the living room has a sense of mystery and the flourish of a Victorian castle. The living area expands into three different sections with individual dining areas.


Make room for entertainment


Painted in pastels of pink, lilac and white, the first section of the house has an elegant façade made of stone and balconies inspired by Romeo and Juliet. Furnished with a luxurious bathroom, meditation zone, therapy room, plush sofas, and lavish headrests, this zone has recreated the aura of a Parisian suite. With the play of light and shiny accessories, this area is decked with lamps, candlesticks, handles, frames, mirrors, carvings, frames, and a trellis of roses. The star attraction of this section is a therapy room that has walls covered with Egyptian hieroglyphs.


The second section is designed mostly in wood and appears to be a chamber for thinkers. With a giant wooden hand and chess pieces fixed on the wall, this realm has a wisdom tree, a secret library, and many cabinets. Its walls are panelled with cyborgs and mystical creatures that echo the spirit of an ancient and modern world in equal measure.


Glowing in an eerie red light, the third section of the room has macabre furniture and decor. Everything from its floor to its ceiling is in shades of red and black. One of the bedposts in this territory features a statue of a black angel surrounded by black roses. The landmark element of this space is a vintage telephone placed amid multiple castles.


No sin is forgiven


Resembling a realm of magic, the confession room is mysterious and dimly lit. Designed in a black and golden palette, this renowned room will witness the contestants in their vulnerable element. At its centre, the room features an upholstered throne crested with a winged lion. For the first time, this feared room has a balcony and a staircase.


The battleground of vaar


The iconic vaar stage has been an arena where drama, glamour and entertainment are in high gear. This year, it has been remodelled along the lines of a vintage train station with a huge, winged dragon holding the train.


Speaking about designing the house, Art Director Omung Kumar B. and Production Designer Vanita Garud jointly said, “The iconic house of Bigg Boss has turned into a majestical world where nothing is what it seems. This theme is special for us because it evokes thoughts of magic, escapism, and mystical creatures. The inspiration for a place like this allows for imagination and creativity to run wild. This house is reminiscent of a European ambience with masonry structures, vaulted ceilings, opulent arches, decorative flourishes on its columns, and precise symmetry. The idea was to transport the housemates to a far-off land of glitz, fun and enchantment. We hope the contestants immerse themselves in the world of dreams and wonder as they team up with the supreme overlord of this fantasyland.”

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