There is a wonderful relationship between women and makeup. Every woman loves to do makeup. While women do different make-up before going to a party, they like to do light makeup in their daily routine too. However, many times it happens that after applying makeup, your skin looks cracked and you do not get the glow that it should get. This happens because you do not prepare your skin properly for makeup. So let us tell you today how to prepare the skin before makeup-

face wash

When it comes to getting the skin ready for makeup, it is important that you first wash your face. Actually, by washing your face, any kind of dirt and oil present in the skin comes out, due to which your skin glows naturally. In such a situation, the makeup did you will also glow. On the other hand, if you apply makeup on dull skin, then your face will look dark and dull.

use of ice

If you wrap ice in a handkerchief or thin cloth and rub it on your skin before makeup, then you get many benefits from it. Firstly, it improves the blood circulation of the face and gives a wonderful glow to your face. Not only this, it gives a soothing effect to your tired eyes. Apart from this, you can also make your makeup long-lasting by using ice.

hydrating moisturizer

Since the natural oil of your skin is also removed after washing the face, it is very important to hydrate the skin. Otherwise, your makeup also looks cracked. Especially, if you have dry skin then you must use a hydrating moisturizer.

do lip repair

When it comes to prepping your skin for makeup, don’t forget your lips. If you have dry lips, then you have to prepare your lips before lipstick. For this, first, you exfoliate your lips by making a scrub with the help of olive oil and sugar so that the dead skin cells are removed from your lips and become smooth. After this, to hydrate the lips, apply lip balm on the lips and leave it for five to ten minutes.