Gujarati film industry today has progressed a lot and films are being made on various topics, the audience also liking them. One such movie ” Kahi de ne prem che ” is hitting the theaters on September 22, 2023 which is produced by renowned production house Pavra Entertainment and Backstage Boy Entertainment. The film stars Vishal Solanki, Yukti Randeria, Hina Varde, and Smit Pandya in lead roles. The producer of the film Dr. Jayesh Pavra and Nishith Kumar Brahmabhatt are fully confident that the audience will definitely love this film.


Talking about the storyline of the film, Anjali, who lives in a small village, comes to the city with the passion to fulfill her dreams, where she meets Aditya, a well-known young businessman. In the first meeting, there is a misunderstanding arises between the two and with it; both of them dislike each other, but the same dislike later turns into a one-sided love. Anjali falls in love with Aditya in her heart and when she confesses her love, Aditya reveals that he already has someone in his life. With a broken heart Anjali accepts the reality but when she comes to know that the person whom Aditya loves dearly is not alive in the world she has lost her life in an accident, Anjali’s heart is further shocked as to why Aditya Not ready to accept the truth? Why didn’t Aditya tell her the truth? Why did Aditya not accept her love? To find the answer to all these questions, the audience has to watch the film…


The film is written and directed by well-known director Nishith Kumar Brahmabhatt. The film has four songs composed by Partha Bharat Thakkar. And the voice has been given by famous singers of Bollywood, Shaan, Abhay Jodhpurkar, Antara Mitra, Ishani Dave, Aishwarya Majmudar and Anandi Joshi. The film’s marketing and PR are being handled by Pavra Entertainment CEO Jaimil Shah and the film’s executive producer Dhruv Mehta.

So the audience should be ready to say Kahi Dene Prem Che’ and enjoy the film at cinema this September.