The pandemic has made us more aware about things around us, things we put our energies into, products that we use. We are so much more conscious about what is the long term effect of each product we buy and where it was at the beginning or the chain or where it will end up once it’s useless.

Designer duo Ishanika and Upasana have launched a sustainable clothing brand Khaasto in the year 2020.

Khaasto is inspired by a traditional fabric called Khasto from Nepal. It is mainly layered fabric that is soft and skin friendly.

The duo came across this fabric when they were travelling through the beautiful country.

Bala Maicha is the new collection that they have recently launched. The name Bala Maicha translates to beautiful girl in Newari. It consists of Indian and Western wear. They have used Khasto and Dhaka in their collection. Khasto is 3 layered fabric mulmul – printed cotton – mulmul and Dhaka (originally called Thaka) is handwoven fabric which is also used in this collection. It is soft and feather-like to touch.

The collection celebrates feminine aesthetics and craftsmanship of Rural Nepal. Khaasto builds a bridge between urban and rural, ancient and modern. The silhouettes are postmodern and poetic.

What better way to reduce your carbon footprint than sustainable clothing.

Instagram: @Khaastoofficial