Ingredients :-

1) Small potatoes.
2) Neem leaf
3) Cardamom.
4) Ginger garlic paste.
5) Green chilli paste.
6) Onion tomato puree.
7) Spices.
8) Yogurt.
9) Oil.

How to make ?

1) Boil the potatoes and fry them until it has golden brown colour.
2) In a heated pan add oil, neem leaf and cardamom, ginger garlic paste and green chilli. Saute ot well.
3) Add onion tomato puree.
4) Add all the spices.
5) After the raw smell goes after mixing it, add yogurt to it.
6) Add fried potatoes with some water.
7) Boil it for some time. And your restaurant style Dum aloo is ready.


VR Niti Sejpal