Museo Jumex reopened to the public on March 27 with Normal Exceptions: Contemporary Art in Mexico, a thematic survey of contemporary art in Mexico over the past 20 years, a period during which Mexico has become a nexus of the global art scene. Drawing from the Colección Jumex and including invited artists and organizations, Normal Exceptions considers undercurrents in artistic practices that connect with life and its material traces. The exhibition will be on view through August 15, and follows the museum’s temporary closure due to the pandemic.

The exhibition’s title is inspired by a term in microhistory—the study of history from the perspective of individuals and their encounters with authority, and proposes the idea of looking from a grassroots perspective upwards, rather than from the top down.
The exhibition fills the entire museum with more than 60 works by artists based in Mexico, including those of international origin, and Mexican artists living and working abroad.

In the third-floor gallery, three sections of the exhibition consider how common activities, materials, and objects have come to represent what is lost and how it may be recuperated. Portraits gathers artists that have engaged with what has been considered an outlying practice in contemporary art, yet increasingly part of daily life. Excavations includes artists that reveal material manifestations of time and history marked in particular objects and actions. Transformations looks at how such objects may become traces of events and people. Through their actions, the artists unsettle the established relationships between individuals and authorities.

VR Sunil Gohil