A Jersey chocolatier has used the Island’s landscape as inspiration for her latest project.

Evelyn Day decided to create the two-foot sculpture of Corbière Lighthouse after falling in love with its architecture and beauty.

The two-foot sculpture may only be a fraction of the size of the real thing but it is definitely tastier.

Evelyn Day is a Chocolate Artist and made an appearance on Channel 4’s ‘Extreme Chocolate Maker’ series.

I am very inspired by architecture and I love looking at old buildings, especially old ones and so coming to Jersey, there’s so many beautiful landmarks here and when I visited Corbière it just blew me away just the whole experience, it’s really magical.

Evelyn told ITV News she’s been passionate about chocolate her whole life and is inspired by her love of travel and architecture.

She recently featured on Channel 4’s Extreme Chocolate Makers. A lighthearted TV series showcasing extreme chocolate makers in the United Kingdom.

VR Niti Sejpal