Samantha Gottlich revealed to Internet Hollywood her passion behind her many abilities and which field had her strongest love!

“Honestly, I could write a full novel about my background of developing my passions but I could sum it up. I started gymnastics at 5, acting when I was 6, playing guitar at performing in musicals at 10, doing comedies at 13, at 14 through 16 I was writing, publishing and performing slam poetry, and at age 17-18 I was copywriting and directing my own plays. From 18 to 20 (my age now) I started runway modeling, painting and blogging. In the meantime of when I was in highschool, I started to market the activities I was apart of (theatre and literary magazine) because I was proud of the organizations I was part of. My junior year of high school, I saw the power of marketing when more people came to our shows and bought our books. Of course, I love my passions, but I love to see people enjoy my passions more. Therefore, I market the things I’m passionate about! From my experience of seeing how proper marketing helped my passions gain success. There is no such thing as one singular thing having my heart because all of them are tied together!”

VR Niti Sejpal