They say beauty can steal your heart, but what happens when a devil hides behind a beautiful face?
COLORS’ upcoming supernatural thriller ‘Pishachini’ promises to send chills down your spine with its
riveting concept and storyline. The show revolves around Pishachini a.k.a. ‘Rani’, a frightening
demoness who uses her charm to draw people towards her before trapping their souls. The fate of
small town in Bareilly is taken over by darkness when Pishachini is set free. While Nyrraa M Banerji
and Jiya Shankar have been roped in for the lead roles of Pishachini and Pavithra respectively,
popular actor Harsh Rajput has joined them in the cast as the male lead and will be essaying the role
of Rakshit aka ‘Rocky’ Rajput.

“I have always been fascinated by shows of supernatural and thriller genres. While I have been a part
of a few supernatural shows before, it was Pishachini’s intriguing storyline that caught my attention. I
will be seen playing the character of Rakshit, he is a progressive man who is cynical about ghost
stories and supernatural powers. It would be interesting for the viewers to witness how the character
shapes to become an integral part of the narrative. I am hopeful that the audience will enjoy the thrill.”