Be it an Indian wedding-party or any simple event, without jewellery, your look looks incomplete. And along with traditional outfits, earrings, bangles, necklaces, nosepins and mangtikas are the commonly worn jewellery. But most of us ladies do not pay attention that the selection of jewelery also depends to a great extent on the design, color, fabric of your outfit as well as your body and face shape. Just like long earrings do not suit the oval face, similarly the wide forehead also does not suit on the round face. It covers your entire face. In such a situation, it would be good that you choose jewelery keeping in mind your face shape. Today we will know how to choose the right Mangtika according to the shape of the face.

oval face shape

If you have a long and narrow face, then chunky mangtika is the best choice for you. Will give you a stunning look in a wide pendant headband. By the way, apart from this, you can experiment with other types of mangtika, just keep in mind that avoid the option of angular and long mangtika.

heart shape face

If your forehead is wide and your chin is pointed, then it means that your face is heart shape. So choose a mangtika in it which highlights your jaw line. Whether it is a mangtika or a mathapatti with multi-strand and chain, both will give you a gorgeous look. Avoid wearing wide headbands.

square shape face

Choose a mangtika on a face that highlights these features. Like dice and bold mangtik. Apart from highlighting the features, these shorts will also get everyone’s attention.

round shape face

There is no option to experiment too much with round shape face. Avoid the headband with large pendants, try drop trinkets. Do not set them on the forehead and set them a little higher. You can get beautiful and stunning look even by wearing Borla.