Pisces natives might find themselves struggling during this cycle of the Sun as it will be positioned in their twelfth house, thereby resulting in some complications related to health and expenditure. The sun which governs their sixth house of diseases and enemies present in their twelfth house indicates that they need to remain careful of the enemies or competitors during this period as they may try to derail your image. Also, be careful of the company that you keep in this duration, otherwise, you are going to face some serious problems in the future.

In terms of finances, try to curb your extra expenditure and avoid taking too many risks at this time of the year, otherwise, you may have to depend on loans and borrowed money. This is also not the right time to indulge in arguments, conflicts or legal battles as they are going to take up a lot of your money and energy. However, if you are looking to set up your business out of your native town to neighbouring states, countries or even abroad, then this period is likely to provide you with favorable results. Also, many of the natives born under the sign of the fish may see their desire to settle abroad fulfilled in this duration.

Overall, rather than taking new decisions, it is the right time to rest. Relax, introspect and prepare a strong foundation for the upcoming periods.

Remedy- Recite Gayatri mantra 108 times daily in the morning.