Time has no limit. It runs endlessly. It never stops for someone. It never gives chance to someone to improve his/her mistake. I love time because it never looks at the past and runs in its current time.

Time is not biased nor it is dominated by anyone. Even god can not control time. The one who cares about his/her time, time will save him/her. Time must be saved. Time must be spent in a qualitative way. Spent time must be memorable whether in a joyous way or a productive way. One should never waste his/her time gossiping, behind fake people, or doing unethical work. It just provides you the result of failure nothing else. But it can be felt by someone or in some cases not felt by one. One only can achieve success if time has been maintained and properly scheduled.

Sometimes you feel that time is the very clever player that plays a game! Funny, but if you observe that when you waiting for that time should be gone, then it will not go fast, and when you desire that time should be stop for a while, time will go fast. After all, time is beautiful. It is an art of management and the thing to be made beautiful.