~ Shilpa shah, professor, HKBBA College

Getting rid of all kinds of impurities is a prerequisite for a healthy, successful and capable life. As long as the body, mind or soul is impure, there will be disease, sickness, trouble and problem in life. It is obvious that no one likes problems in life. The only everlasting desire of the living being has been to live a life free from disease. Which can be achieved but for that one has to understand the impurities in its true form and make a proper honest and regular effort to get rid of it. It is impossible to be free from impurity without hard work.

There are three types of impurities: 1) Impurity of body means physical impurity 2) impurity of mind means mental impurity and 3) Impurity of soul or spiritual impurity. Physical impurity means impurities attached to the human body which are responsible for many kinds of diseases and ailments. Science calls it a toxin while Ayurveda calls it a VISHDRAVYA. Toxins in the body due to indigestion, constipation etc. as well as improper lifestyle (such as getting up at any time, sleeping at any time, eating anything, eating at any time, etc.) due to negligence towards natural life invites many diseases in life. Body impurities can be removed in two ways 1) by bathing and 2) by proper nutritious sattvic diet. But instead of eating nutritious and hygienic food we eat junk food and increase impurities in body and then make our body more and more weak even through many allopathic medicines when we get sick. In short, we do all the improper deeds for the rest of our lives, we do not cultivate any kind of consciousness, we continue to suffer many hardships and pains as a result of the impurities created by ourselves then at last blaming karma and destiny in life. Yet not become active towards purification not even try to understand the impurity as the root cause of every problems and never try to remove it from our life. What could be a greater misfortune than this? If our body is clean, our home is clean, the environment around us is clean, then life will be free from many problems, difficulties, diseases and illnesses automatically. A clean lifestyle is the only true civilized life. But we, the so-called intelligent and educated people, remain ignorant even though we understand everything. Can’t or probably doesn’t want to get to the root of the problem. If we don’t understand the cause of the problem and try to remove it, how can there be a solution or liberation? Problem-free life cannot be possible and true happiness cannot be achieved without understanding many kinds of impurities attached to the body for physical purification.

Another type of impurity is impurity of mind. The mind is a cosmic consciousness. The power of the mind is immense. Which only human beings have. Its excellent use can make life a paradise and its improper use can make life a living hell. Purification of the mind is the amulet cure for every problem of life. Impurity of mind means negativity, selfishness, frustration, dissatisfaction, despair, fear and stress. Our life will be exactly like our thoughts. It is said that what happens to a person is not as important as how he handles the situation. If thoughts are healthy it solves many crucial problems. Even if a little heat rises in the atmosphere, many people are getting disturbed and upset. Thus the state of mind determines the direction of a person’s life. someone never feels pain even in a great trouble, while someone feels intense pain in small trouble. How much happiness a person will get or how much happiness he will enjoy depends entirely on the state of mind of the person. Many people, despite having all kinds of material comforts, do not find happiness or peace in their lives at all. He lives his life with lifelong complaints because there is a lack of satisfaction. Moreover, the self-interest of a person is such that he never considers the problems of others, while we all know that life in the universe is shared. Every element of nature is interconnected. A person who hurts others can never be happy as he is connected to others. In addition, human beings are constantly trapped in an unknown fear such as what will happen in the future, what will happen if I fall ill, what will happen to me if my children will not take care in old age, etc., etc. When even a small wish or expectation of a person is not fulfilled, he becomes very anxious, frustrated or depressed. Success in life and the pursuit of wealth (materialistic success) has become so intense that he lives a constantly stressful life in terms of comparison and desire to get ahead of others. Which increases his frustration anxiety fear stress and dis-satisfaction. It happens because of many failures and bitter experience. There is no one good in the world, all are selfish, no one is useful, all are related to benefit, many such kinds of negativity he creates unknowingly. Lifelong a person lives amidst so many negativities that destroy him internally. But unfortunately for the rest of his life he does not realize that he has created the whole web of impurity himself. He will have to make pure efforts to get out of it. It is an unknown force that relies on God but God also helps those who do something for themselves. In short the second type of impurity is mental impurity is the impurity of the mind without which a problem-free happy life is not possible.

The third impurity is the impurity of the soul. The real form of the soul is basically pure, healthy and clean. But the soul has been deprived of its infinite power by the lust-anger-greed-ego and envious impurity that has been attached to it for ages. If there is a bulb of thousands of watts, which has a very bright light but is surrounded by a thick, black cloth, then the bulb with infinite light cannot take advantage of its real form and power even though it is powerful, i.e. it cannot remain in its illuminated form. In the same way the human soul is afflicted with impurities like lust-anger-greed-ego-jealousy. So that despite being infinitely powerful he has not been able to do anything. Man’s unlimited desires and lusts make him greedy, anger is born when desires are not fulfilled, attachment and rage increase on the one who accompanies in the fulfillment of desires, one who creates obstacle in the fulfillment of desires become enemy, for which dislike and hatred arise. In this way the impurities are constantly increases. In this journey of impurity the personal ego increases so much that the person becomes detached from God. God means nothing but infinite divine power and eternal existence. Only by being connected with it can a person remain problem free, healthy and pure. But personal ego does not allow man to be pure, healthy and problem-free. If any single drop of the sea becomes egoistic and get separated from the sea, its destruction is certain. As he has freed himself from infinite power and existence. In the same way, a living being cannot live a healthy, pure and problem-free life by staying away from the divine power. How can human being known as intelligent if he does not understand this simple thing?

In short, a person who expects happiness and peace in life, who wants every kind of success, who wants to live a happy life, who wants to get rid of the life of hardships and problems, must cultivate complete purity. Absolute purification means physical, mental and spiritual purification. For physical cleansing one has to follow the rules of natural life, one has to cultivate awareness about bathing and diet, one has to remove toxins from the body. In addition, the mind has to be freed from many impurities like negativity, anxiety, fear, frustration, despair, selfishness, dissatisfaction, stress which make him weak and impure. As well as six evils like lust-anger-infatuation-greediness-ego-jealousy have to give up. By which the body-mind-soul becomes pure, powerful and life becomes pain free.

The body, mind and soul are all interconnected. The mind is automatically empowered by a strong and pure soul. Which also makes the body healthy, pure energetic and disease free. In short, the biggest obstacle to every happiness of life is none other than impurity and impurity cannot be removed without sincere regular efforts of purification. As long as there is an empire of impurities in life, it is not possible to be able, successful, powerful, happy and contented. The one who desires purity must recognize the root of impurity and renounce it. Let us pledge to eradicate all the three types of impurity today and make life pure. Once you make a vow of purification, then see how life overflows with happiness! You might say that it is easy to say but difficult to do. So I must say that we did not know everything from birth. It is through effort and practice that we learn everything and even today we learn something new every day. Nothing is impossible through determination and hard work. Make a resolution, be proactive about it, then everything becomes natural and easy. May God help everyone in fulfilling their resolve.